WEN Hair Care Offers Shine Bounce and Manageability to Blogger’s Limp Locks

May 24th, 2016

Beauty blogger Emily McClure has flat, greasy hair which is challenging to deal with, and she’s tired of bad hair days. So, she decided to try a 7-day hair challenge to see if this much talked about no-shampoo method would work for her. She kept a hair diary along with selfies to chart her progress.
The Bustle.com contributor had seen the famous TV infomercials where beautiful celebrities develop beautiful hair by giving up lather shampoo. Chaz Dean is the popular California stylist who invented the gentle, natural botanical formula that uses cleansing conditioner to restore strength, bounce and shine to hair.

Emily McClure chose the Sephora FIG formula and decided to follow a proper routine of daily AM washes with Wen. As she hit the shower, the beauty blogger noticed nice, thick hair. As she blow-dried and styled, her locks looked glossy, healthy and soft, and Emily was pleased. Her friends also noticed the extra bounce in her hair and complimented her one evening.

Emily admits that she prefers a nighttime shower routine, so one evening she did just that and used the WEN by Chaz Dean (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html). When she got up the next morning, Emily was surprised her hair already appeared limp and not able to hold a style.

As soon as Emily returned to her daily AM WEN washes, her hair responded beautifully. Emily got lazy one morning, because she was pressed for time, so she skipped the WEN wash altogether. She knew it was a mistake, because her strands got limp and greasy. She scrambled by spraying dry shampoo into her hair and trying to style it, but her hair let her down.

Emily has concluded that WEN delivers shine, manageability and bounce as long as you shower and style your hair every morning and not skip between WEN washes.

Beneful’s Nutritious Products for a Healthy Dog

May 10th, 2016

As pet lovers who find pride in making and feeding our products to pets, we find it essential that we highlight some of the main things about us.
Beneful’s products are safe and healthy with the ability to bring nutrition and joy to over 15 million dogs annually. Our PurinaStore’s safety and quality control are the ideal standard for the whole industry. The standard meet or exceed every USDA, FDA or AAFCO requirement. We conduct test for over 150 substances that include lead, arsenic and mycotoxins in order to ensure that our products are of good quality and safe for pet consumption.

Some of our Dry Dog Food varieties sold on Wal-Mart include the following:

Originals with Real Salmon

This product will fill your dog’s bowl with a nutrition that is rich in omega. These nutrients will also be 100% essential for its every day growth, and will help him to maintain a coat that is shiny and healthy. It is definitely an everyday healthy meal and always yummy.

Healthy Weight with Real Chicken

This meal will ensure that your dog’s weight is put in check and still provide an excitement for mealtime. The product is a calorie-smart recipe. This Beneful’s product will provide your pet with wholesome nutrients that it needs. They come in a mix of bites that are crunchy and tender.
Originals with Real Beef

This product will fill your pet’s bowl with nutrition that is rich in antioxidant. The nutrients are wholesome and rich to help your dog grow healthy with each day. They come in a mix of crunchy and tender bites that your dog will definitely love. They are all day healthy and yummy. The meal is made of carrots, peas, spinach and real beef.

Playful Life with Eggs and Real Beef

This product will serve your dog with a nutrition that is protein-rich. With eggs and real beef, you will be providing your dog with wholesome nutrients necessary to help him grow daily. It is an all-day healthy and full of sweetness.

Try us today for these and many other healthy dog treats. You can be assured that your dog will grow healthy and strong, and it will always be excited of meal times. Follow Beneful today! https://twitter.com/beneful

The Aspire and the Revitalization of New Brunswick by Boraie Development

April 28th, 2016

NJ Spotlight recently highlighted the greater downtown area of New Brunswick, which is undergoing continuous development, especially in recent years. With New Brunswick Development Corporation’s (Devco) acquisition of the land formerly owned by the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, Rutgers University, now a Big Ten school, has the option to expand. Plans include building long-overdue improvements to the campus on http://xrepublic.net/2015/09/01/shaq-and-boraie-development-to-host-tournament-in-newark/, including a new quad. The estimated cost of this project is approximately $300 million. This marks the first expansion at the university since 1961. The improvements will include walking and biking paths, student housing, an honors college and other administrative and educational space. The project is expected to be finished in 2016.

Nearby, the New Brunswick Station area, which provides direct train service to New York City, is also getting some improvements in the form of a new mixed-use development on https://twitter.com/boraiedev across the street. This is the third installment in a three part improvement that also includes another mixed use space next to the train station and a 600,000 square foot Wellness Plaza just up the street.

If you are looking for upscale living in the area, The Aspire by Boraie Development LLC will also be located nearby. The high rise complex boasts 17 floors of luxury, including housing starting as low as $1,650 per month for a studio apartment. The building features amenities including rooftops decks with grills for entertaining, a 24-hour fitness center with the latest equipment, and an indoor entertainment area including a catering kitchen, large screen TV’s, a pool table, and an outdoor terrace. There is on-site parking and a doorman. Boraie Development expect to open lease requests for spring late this month.

Boraie Development’s venture in New Brunswick offers residents convenient service to New York and Philadelphia via the adjacent train station, as well as being across the street from both the Rutgers University campus and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The new addition to downtown was made possible in part due to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and Boraie Development, which contributed $23.8 million worth of incentives, as well as several other government programs. 

New Air Service Announced From Aruba to Venezuela

April 28th, 2016

While flights between the United States and the Caribbean islands are typically easy to secure, it is another story when seeking flights between the Caribbean and South America. The Caribbean is just as popular a vacation destination for South American countries as it is for the United States. The problem fro tourists like Norka Luque is traveling to the Caribbean from South America can be a challenge.
Dutch Caribbean air carrier InselAir is trying to rectify this challenge with the announcement of a new service to Venezuela. The company said Monday that will operate nonstop flights that originate in Aruba to Las Piedras, Venezuela. The service will launch May 19.

InselAir said the decision to create this new flight was due to the increasing demand from travelers from both Venezuela and Aruba for service to both countries. They felt demand was at such a peak level that it justified the addition of a new roundtrip service.

According to the a feature by Latino Show Magazine, flights will run on Sundays and Thursdays. They will leave Aruba at 3:30 PM and land in Las Piedras at 4:05 PM. The return flight will depart at 4:45 PM before arriving back in Aruba at 5:20 PM. A Fokker 70 aircraft will be used to carry passengers.

This is indeed good news for Venezuelans wanting to soak up the sun this summer in the Caribbean. Do not be surprised if this service proves successful.

Helane Morrison Fills A Highly Needed Role At Hall Capital

April 27th, 2016

Hall Capital is one of many large funds in America that has to use a compliance officer to make sure it works well with the Department of Justice. The DOJ is working with compliance officers who keep watch on statutes and rules, and Helane Morrison does that job at Hall Capital. She is one of the first women to do such a job, and she has her law degree to boot. She is a marvel in the business world, and she is helping people inside her company get their work done right the first time.

Compliance officers are needed in every company because there is no other way that these companies will be able to get the results that they need. There are a lot of rules to follow, and the new leader of the program that watches over businesses at the DOJ is going to make more work for everyone. A study even came out showing that a lot of compliance officers like Helane Morrison are concerned about the amount of work that will need to be done.

Everyone wants to do things the right way, and Helane Morrison does that every day as part of her oath as an attorney, but there comes a point at which there is too much work even for a compliance department. She will work with the people who come visit from the DOJ, and she will figure out how best to implement all the new strategies at Hall Capital. This is an easy way for the company to remain efficient, and Helane Morrison will personally work with the DOJ to get better results.

Compliance officers are making sure that all rules are followed, and they are advising the board of every company. Helane Morrison finds herself in the executive suite every day talking to her superiors about the work that Hall Capital does, and she facilitates a safe place to work for everyone that is fully in compliance with new DOJ rules.

Everyone who is working with the DOJ does not want to have more work to do, but they want to do right under the law. These people work hard every day like Helane Morrison, and they make sure that all the rules have been adhered to. The staff at Hall Capital under Helane Morrison is very diverse, and she uses her law background to make sure she is handling every rule correctly.

Returning Home Can Be An Eye-Opening Experience

April 16th, 2016

We’ve all heard the famous words “you can’t go home again,”penned by Thomas Wolfe; however, a recent article appearing in Venezuela’s “The Daily Beast” proves you can go home again, but it may not be the same as it was before you left.
The mission of a young wife and mother, whom I will call Maria, was to introduce her husband and two-year-old daughter to her mother. Maria’ s first reaction as her flight touched down was that things had definitely changed over the last twelve years. The article immediately opens the reader’s eyes like David to a mind-boggling situation as Maria recounts that items she was advised to pack in her luggage included almost literally everything but the kitchen sink. Maria was also cautioned that danger could result from announcing plans about her upcoming visit on social network sites.

To span a 15-day visit, the luggage amounted to four bags since Maria wished to include items such sugar, cooking oil and bathroom tissue that are considered luxury items by the average worker whose wage is $11 per month. During the visit, Maria’s aunt gave her money (bolivars) for what American’s call a fast-food lunch. For the equivalent of $12 American dollars, she was only able to purchase 3 ham sandwiches and 3 beverages.

Sadly, Maria’s overall impression of her beloved Caracas, Venezeula was that life is no better under the leadership of its current Dictator, Nicolas Maduro than it was under Hugo Chavez.


April 15th, 2016

This title says it all. Now some companies out there have been labelled as a “bad company”. If you do research on the company, you will find they are not exactly. What the company fails to do is present their products in a good light. Some companies tend to focus on quantity, not the quality of their products and services.

How do this relate to a company like White Shark?

Recently, White Shark has been going through a bit of an image issue. Based on certain unreliable bad reviews, many have gotten the wrong impression of them. This doesn’t spell good news for a company who has some products and services based on imaging and branding.

How does White Shark deal with something like this?

According to one of the CEOs, it’s just something that goes along with the territory and that’s White Shark Media stands for.

“You can’t convince some to love what you do for them. You can’t convince someone to ask for your help and then be grateful. You have to take the bad with the good. Here’s the thing. As long as most of our client base is happy with what we are doing, than the rest of it really doesn’t matter”.

For a company like White Shark Media, sometimes damage control is necessary. On the one hand, you have clients raving about you and what you did for them. On the other side, you have people complaining about you. If someone doesn’t get what they want, they tend to complain. This is what is happening with White Shark right now (https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc).

“Yes, damage control is part of the territory. This is the unwritten paradox for a company like ours. Since so many of our products are about image themselves, we often times have to defend our own name”.

“The times which are the hardest is when someone is just “jumping to conclusions”. These are the customers who have not actually used out products. They are just going on the “true/untrue” words of someone else. There might be specific reasons why a client did not like what we did for them and White Shark Media. No one can ever truly know why someone did not like a product or service of ours. Instead of giving us the benefit of the doubt, they just take someone else’s word”.

How much damage control is needed?

“It all depends on the situation and client. Some are cut and dry. Others are more complicated. Listen, when you get into this business, you have to expect this sort of thing. But, we will survive it. We know who are true clients are. When you have a substantial client base who truly believes in you, than nothing else really matters”.

George Soros Says We Could Be In The Process Of Repeating The 2008 Financial Crisis

April 8th, 2016

George Soros started his career back in the 1950’s and today he is a well known, respected businessman and philanthropist. With a net worth or over $25 billion, he has been extremely successful and earned recognition and respect from people all around the globe. For this reason, people usually listen to the business advice or predictions that he gives. That is why many people are in a stew over the prediction George Soros made, stating that the economy and markets right now are in line with the crisis that occurred during 2008.

At the beginning of 2016 on marketwatch.com, George Soros gave a speech at on an economic forum expressing why he believes the current situation of the economy is looking grim for a number of different reasons. Currently, China has been have problems with adjustments in their economy and the yuan has started to lose value, due to them switching from investments and manufacturing to services and consumption. Because of these changes a sum of more than 2 trillion dollars in value vanished from global equities at the start of 2016 alone. Also, because of the situation with China’s economy in the present, currency and stock markets the world over have been under heavy fire.

This is certainly not the first or only time that George Soros has made a prediction that the economy might see a crisis like the one in 2008. Soros has successfully predicted many trends going on in the global markets, according to Bloomberg Business, which is part of what has brought him a lot of his wealth. Most notably, in 1992, George Soros predicted that the value of the pound in the UK would be forced to go down. After his prediction turned out to be correct, he added over 1 billion to his wealth, leading to him becoming a world renowned investor.

George Soros has many concerns outside of just business and investing as well. Since the beginning of his career on theatlantic.com, Soros has always been dedicated to helping others. He has helped bring education to the lives of many people in South Africa, regardless of discrimination. He also has spent time helping individuals receive higher education in Europe.

He is also the founder of Open Society Foundations, and international grant making network. The organization has put forth a lot of effort to advocate democracy in over 100 different countries over the years. George Soros lives by the same principles that are are the foundation of Open Society. He believes and is determined that the rights of people should be respected, and the government should be accountable for bad actions. The Open Society Foundation today has a huge list of partners all apart of a network, made up different projects, charities, and foundations across the globe.

Delicious Beneful® Dog Foods You And Your Dog Will Love

April 7th, 2016

Nutritious, wholesome, delicious, real ingredients are the foundation for Purinastore’s Beneful® Dog Food. Beneful® gives you a variety of proteins, accents, and textures to choose from to give your dog the nutrition they need. Here are some recommendations.


A delicious blend of wild rice, tomatoes, carrots, and beef, your dog will absolutely love BENEFUL®WET DOG FOOD INCREDIBITES.® Minced into small bites, it’s delicious, and is fortified with essential nutrients to meet the nutritional levels needed for growing puppies and adult dogs. BENEFUL®WET DOG FOOD INCREDIBITES.® is a balanced, nutritious wet dog food that your dog will love you for! Available in three oz cans.


A nutritious dry dog food made with green beans, carrots, apples and real chicken! BENEFUL® DRY DOG FOOD HEALTHY WEIGHT: https://www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/ helps your dog stay in a healthy, ideal weight range. The tasty, bite size mixture provides them with 100% of the daily nutrition their bodies need. BENEFUL® DRY DOG FOOD HEALTHY WEIGHT comes in 3.5 lb, 6.3 lb, 13 lb, 15.5 lb, 31.1 lb, 40 lb, and 44 lb bags.


A wonderful treat for your dog’s teeth! Reducing plaque and the buildup of tartar, BENEFUL®DOG TREATS HEALTHY SMILE DENTAL RIDGES supports strong bones and teeth while giving your dog pleasant breath. It’s made of up a mixture of delectable and irresistible meat and parsley that will have you and your dog grinning from ear to ear! BENEFUL®DOG TREATS HEALTHY SMILE DENTAL RIDGES is available on Wal-Mart® grocery in a small/medium 7.4-ounce pouch and a large 8.4-ounce pouch.


A tasty mixture of barley, carrots, peas, and real beef, BENEFUL®WET DOG FOOD CHOPPED BLENDS™ will tempt your dog’s taste buds with an explosion of flavor! Served in a savory sauce, BENEFUL®WET DOG FOOD CHOPPED BLENDS™ has all the nutrition your dog requires. It’s packaged in a ten-ounce resealable plastic container!



Bernardo Chua, Organo Founder Introduces New Preferred Customer Program

March 23rd, 2016

Dedicated customers of Organo Gold products are being rewarded with the new preferred customer program, created by Bernardo Chua, Founder and CEO of Organo. The program was announced on the Official Organo Blog the first week in December 2015. Retail customers will receive a 25 percent discount on purchases of all Organo products, including gourmet beverages, nutraceuticals, beauty care, and concentrated supplements. To qualify for the discount program, retailers and customers must be a participant in the company’s automatic shipping monthly package. The new preferred customer program is available to retailers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

LinkedIn indicates that Bernardo Chua started Organo eight years ago in the Philippines with the vision to spread the mysteries of an ancient herb, ganoderma. For centuries, the mushroom is believed to build strong and healthy bodies with long-term use. Based upon the philosophy of Shi-Jean Lee, a Ming Dynasty doctor, Chua said on Facebook he believes Organo products will have the same effects. Other factors that should be considered in addition to the products are healthy eating habits and daily exercising. Bernardo has spent millions of dollars researching ganoderma, including side effects and benefits.

He travels the world educating Independent Distributors, customers, and retailers about the mysterious benefits of the herb. In the Philippines, Chua was exposed to the medicinal mushroom to promote heathy and life longevity. He decided to study ganoderma and eventually determined it was safe to incorporate with beverages and supplements. Later, the herbal ingredient was incorporated with personal care products, including soaps and toothpaste. Bernardo has revolutionized ways ganoderma can be used by developing products with moderate amounts of the herb.

Chua said in the December 3rd, 2015 news release, ″The Independent Distributors will benefit because the program is a strategic business tool that diversifies and expands their businesses.″ Existing customers are able to register online using Organo’s hotline or email address. New customers may register with their Independent Distributor or online. The benefits for faithful customers are accessibility to exclusive promotions on products; reliable customer care and assistance; and preferred customer hotline support. One the best benefits of the program is the 25 percent discount savings on all monthly purchases.

Organo Gold is one of the leading direct selling companies over the world to market gourmet beverages, personal care, and nutraceuticals products. The secret to the product line is ancient herb, ganoderma. Chau promotes the herbal ingredient internationally through Twitter and his education and research.