How To Get Free Coffee From Dunkin Donuts

January 20th, 2017

The holidays are the happiest time of the year. If you are a coffee lover, then you have yet another reason to rejoice. Dunkin Donuts will be giving out free medium coffees at some of their locations from December 12 until Dec. 23. The first 500 customers will be able to get this free coffee. Not only will Dunkin Donuts be catering to coffee lovers, but they will also be helping people who are less fortunate.


Dunkin Donuts will be giving $1,000 to a charity to benefit hungry and sick children. The Dunkin Donuts that will be giving out free coffee are located in New York, Philadelphia and Nashville. More locations will be added. That is why it is important to check the Dunkin Donuts blog to see if you will be able to get free coffee in your area.


The name of the organization that Dunkin Donuts is supporting is called the Joy Of Childhood Foundation. It is estimated that this foundation gives out over a million pounds of food each year. Not only do companies like Dunkin Donuts support the Joy Of Childhood Foundation, but it is also supported by people who give to it regularly. It does not take a large donation to support this organization. In fact, if you donate $1, then you will be able to provide three families with meals.


Troy McQuagge Scoops the High-profile One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award

January 20th, 2017

Troy McQuagge won a gold award for his outstanding job as a CEO of USHEALTH Group. One Planet presented the award. Each year, the institution usually honors executives who have been instrumental in business and professional excellence in their companies. The award is also given to winners from different parts of the world. One Planet nominates candidates from private, public, non-profit and for-profit companies.

As a health insurance company headquartered in Ft. Worth, TX, USHEALTH Group targets diverse clients. The agency’s services target owners of small businesses and self-employed people. The company’s goal is to strive for superior customer service through reliable insurance products. McQuagge oversees USHEALTH’s strategic planning initiatives. He ensures that its agents and employees provide clients with pragmatic solutions.

Why did McQuagge Win the Award?

McQuagge has been working for USHEALTH since 2010. He was instrumental in establishing the company’s distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. After USHEALTH had been established, McQuagge became its CEO and president. Amidst his leadership, the company recorded tremendous profits and was ranked highly in the health insurance sector.

McQuagge was honored to receive the award. He dedicated it to USHEALTH Group’s entire professional team. He also mentioned that the award portrays his company’s commitment to addressing health insurance issues. One Planet Awards was created to applaud institutions that strive for professional excellence. The awards are disseminated in different categories. These include marketing, corporate communications, public relations, and products and services. Institutions that wish to contest for the prestigious accolades are required to register at One Planet’s website.

About Troy A. McQuagge

McQuagge has facilitated the growth of USHEALTH as an executive and a member of the directors’ board. He first served as the agency’s chief marketing officer and vice president. After improving the USHEALTH’s marketing endeavors in his four years role as CMO, he ascended to CEO post. Besides USHEALTH Group, McQuagge is also the chief executive officer and president of Freedom Life Insurance Company. His main task as CEO is to oversee Freedom Life’s managerial matters. He also heads other branches of USHEALTH Group in the same capacity.

McQuagge commenced his insurance career in 1983 as an employee of the Allstate Insurance Company. He interacted with several insurance companies and clients as he worked for the firm. In 1995, he registered as a member of Student Insurance Division. The institution is a subsidiary of the United Insurance Companies. In 1997, UGA, an insurance agency of UICI appointed him as the president. He facilitated an increase in sales at UGA. He was also appointed to head the institution’s sales and marketing strategies after the UICI was acquired and renamed to HealthMartkets. McQuagge is an alumnus of Central Florida University where he majored in a Bachelor of Arts degree.

The Contributions of Jeffry Schneider at Ascendant Capital LLC

January 20th, 2017

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC. Ascendant has a diverse range of education, marketing, operational services, sales, and innovative approach when it comes to financial structuring. The company raises funds for emerging and established alternative asset fund sponsors. Ascendant works in conjunction with broker-dealers, a network of family offices, registered investment advisors, and private banks. It distributes these private and public offerings all across the world.

Ascendant has been able to grow rapidly under the leadership of Jeffry from 2 to 30 employees in the last five years. Jeffry and his staff have been able to raise approximately one billion dollars on behalf of certain managers. The company works with 250 investment advisors, over 50 broker-dealers, and multiple family offices. The capital raised had been used to buy tech companies, real estate, and auto dealerships among others. The company has recorded massive success. Jeffry has his sights set high and continues to work hard together with his team. Ascendant hopes to raise nearly $50 million every month this year. This is an incredible amount of growth.

Jeffry says that the current position of the markets is a great way for alternative investments to reduce volatility and diversify holdings. Ascendant Capital believes in transparency, honesty, hard work, and discipline. Investors are the top priority of the company which has an alignment of interests. Jeffry has acquired extensive experience and expertise in the investment world over the years. His exemplary work at Ascendant Capital has earned him a reputation as a distinguished leader.

Jeffry Schneider formerly worked at Paradigm Global Advisors and the Axiom capital management. He also served in other places such as Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. Jeffry owns a degree that he earned at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Jeffry has taken part in several marathons and half ironmans. He is keen on healthy eating and believes in staying fit. He loves adventure and exploring the world, and this has led him to travel extensively across Asia, South America, and Europe among other places.

Jeffry is a philanthropist. He is involved in several charitable organizations where he contributes his resources and expertise for a good course. Some of the organizations he is involved with include Cherokee Home for Children, God Loves We Deliver, Wonders & Worries, and the Gazelle Foundation. Jeffry is a firm believer that there are benefits in open dialogue and encourages his team to practice that. He says that the environment should be conducive with team members able to trust each other for a company to succeed. The success of Ascendant Capital had enabled Jeffry Schneider to be recognized all over the world with more investors coming in invest in the enterprise.

Jason Halpern Creates Excellent Model for Real Estate Development

January 20th, 2017

People looking to break into the real estate development market, and companies looking for a good model, would do well to follow the example of JMH Development and its Founder and Managing Partner Jason Halpern. Jason Halpern took control of the family business, JMH Development, in 2010 and has proved to be the right choice. Taking up the mantle of a storied real estate development family history, Halpern has presented the development world with a unique and diverse approach to development continuing his companies success and creating and sustaining growth.


Jason Halpern has been so effective in his chosen business due to his unique approach. He has run, and taken his company with him, towards a niche passion: historical restoration. In 2014 he adapted the historic Motel Ankara into the ALoft South Beach. The real estate developer has long had a passion and proclivity for historic restoration and working with historic districts in New York City and around the country.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

By focusing in on a niche and building his company around a passion, Halpern has been able to establish his company as a leader among its competitors. This is an excellent strategy of which those interested in the development space should take note. Narrowing in on a niche provides a uniqueness from which the company really benefits. Halpern uses his expertise in relationship building, as well as real estate development, to do excellent work in the historical sector of real estate development. Building relationships with the areas and necessary officials creates a series of relationships and establishes the trust that lets Halpern and his company do unique and creative work in some of the nation’s most historic places.


Jason Halpern also presents an excellent example in his numerous philanthropic endeavors. He puts aside much of his personal free time to aiding and providing assistance to communities. Most of his time is devoted to the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. What really sets him apart has been his insistence that his company also serves a philanthropic role in society. By insisting that his company serves a philanthropic purpose Halpern is able to leverage his public good to create professional relationships. JMH Development is especially focused on helping clean water initiatives provide clean water to those in need donating tens of thousands of dollars every contract they sign.


Halpern has established himself as an expert in historic real estate development, while also benefiting the world around him. He has created an enviable model many may soon be seeking to copy. With his business growing and more and more projects popping up under his company’s banner, Halpern will continue to be a leader in his industry for a long time.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

An American Entrepreneur: Eric Pulier

January 20th, 2017

UPDATE January 20, 2017

Don’t miss the recent write up on Eric Pulier. The in-depth article discusses the career of Pulier.  He sits on the board of the X-Prize, contributes to Painted Turtle, and is a published author. It’s easy to see that Eric Pulier is a man of many talents.

As an entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist, author, and father of four Eric Pulier is an example of a hard working American. Starting from a young age, Eric began programming computers and then eventually started a database computer company, all before graduating high school. Eric received a bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature at Harvard University. While studying at Harvard, Eric wrote and edited for The Harvard Crimson. Along with attending Harvard, Eric took classes at MIT.

A few years after graduating, Eric didn’t waste any time by moving to Los Angeles and founding a company that addressed education, healthcare, and other issues using technology. This company was called People Doing Things (PDT). In 1994 he founded his second company, Digital Evolution, which later merged with US Interactive. Eric continued founding, funding, and co-founding other companies throughout his career, some of these being Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, and Media Platform.

Eric is also well known for his investments in charitable organizations and venture capital funds such as Trident Capital, eCompanies, and Monitor Ventures. Along with his investments Eric also sits on the board of many non-profit organizations like X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle, to name a few.

After being selected, Eric created “The Bridge to the 21st Century” for the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. He then participated in Al Gore’s healthcare and technology forum. He is currently a member in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Having to start from the bottom himself, the now successful Eric invests in many seed level startups in media and technology. He is also an active public speaker at technology conferences all over the world. His speeches are very popular because many people, who have a dream to create a business of their own, want such a successful entrepreneur’s advice. He will teach how to create something out of nothing and truly make your dreams come true. People know they can trust his words since his hard work and innovative thinking is plain to see.

His success hasn’t stopped there. Eric added more notches to his belt when he co-authored Understanding Enterprise SOA. Along with everything listed, he also owns a restaurant which is attached to his night club in Santa Monica, California. It’s safe to say Eric Pulier is the true American dream.

More about Eric:

This New Top-of-the-Line Espresso Machine Is Powered by a Jet Engine

January 19th, 2017

Just when you thought espresso machines couldn’t get any crazier, this incredible contraption comes flying out of the blue. I’ve certainly never seen anything like it – would you ever have guessed that you could even make a jet-engine-powered espresso machine? If it seems a little crazy to you, don’t worry – it seems like that to everyone at first, but experts in the field say that the intense levels of pressure and heat that a jet engine is capable of generating are crucial to the production of high quality coffee.


In case you thought that this new machine was a high-volume, industrial-grade coffee contraption, which might be a little more reasonable, let me set you straight. This machine utilizes a jet engine just to produce a single cup of espresso. Supposedly, however, it’s just about the finest cup of espresso out there. The name of this machine is the Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100, and it comes to us from a company that is famed for its incredibly finely designed (and incredibly expensive) coffee machines and accessories.


Only about a hundred of these incredible devices will ever be produced, because the high-grade components and high-powered engines require them to be hand-crafted with incredible levels of attention paid to every detail. As a result, the price is only available on request, which reminds me of the old adage – if you have to ask, you can’t afford it!


Good Water Makes Good Coffee

January 18th, 2017

Since coffee is 98% water, it seems obvious that the quality of water used to make a cup of brew is of utmost importance. But focus on water quality has only recently become a major trend in the coffee world.


It’s no longer all about the variety and quality of bean or brewing methods.


Water quality has been the hottest topic among coffee-selling professional in 2016. If you think any old water out of any tap or bottle will automatically deliver the best coffee taste, experts say, think again.


The fact is, water has many variables and qualities that can drastically alter the taste of coffee. For example, water varies considerably in attributes such as alkalinity, acidity, Ph levels and more. Then there’s mineral content, purity and the character of any dissolved solids present in water.


Finding just the right content balance and quality of water has set off intense new interest in filtration methods. It has also has raised demand for home chemistry sets for testing water quality. Getting an exact readout of water characteristics in turn influences what kinds of filters and methods are needed to obtain optimum water quality.


What seems to be the consensus? Well, scientific research shows that excellent coffee water should be high in magnesium and low in bicarbonate. Water from taps attached to water softeners is a definite no-no, as is bottled water because both tend to be high in sodium.


Stay tuned. The issue of water-for-coffee is likely to remain at the forefront of the caffeine-lover’s world, both professional and personal.



Danilo Diaz Granados talks US citizenship for entrepreneurs

January 18th, 2017


Danilo Diaz Granados has said on Twitter that he is grateful for the many opportunities he’s been given as a US citizen. Through hard work, talent and a puritan work ethic he’s parlayed those opportunities into a stellar career, catapulting him to the top of the Miami finance scene. Granados strongly believes in the US system and the upward mobility that its unique disregard for class allows for all who are willing to work hard. Danilo Diaz Granados believes that the United States currently offers, and will continue to offer, the strongest opportunities of any nation on earth for talented entrepreneurs. Recently he gave a talk in which he explored the various channels through which up-and-coming market movers can gain legal entry into the world’s economic superpower.



Who will Uncle Sam let through the front door?


1) Serious investors – The EB-5 visa is reserved for investors who are moving to a city and are willing to invest at least $1 million dollars in a business venture. If they are moving to a sparsely populated area the minimum investment drops to $500,000.


2) Serious talent – The EB-2(C) visa is granted to those with advanced degrees or virtuosic ability of some sort. The caveat is that whatever the special ability or advanced degree, it must be of high value to the national interest.


3) Investors from an E2 treaty country – If your country is a member of the E2 treaty then you’re in luck. You’ll only need to invest $100,000 rather than $1 million.


4) Exceptional entrepreneurs – The O1 visa is available for prospective immigrants who can demonstrate exceptional acumen in developing businesses or products.  This is vital, and Danilo Diaz Granados stresses as much on Facebook, so pay special attention.


5) Executives and high level management – L1 visas are designated for high level managers and executives who work for firms with offices both abroad and in the United States and who have worked for such a company for at least one year.


6) Employees with special skills – The H1B is granted to employees who have capabilities for which demand is likely to go unfulfilled by native US citizens. These include programmers, doctors and other tech workers with high degrees of expertise.

Read the full story from Danilo Diaz Granados himself in his article Danilo Diaz Granados Habla de “Venir a América” para Emprendedores.

Nitro Coffee Is Hottest “Cold” Trend For Caffeine Addicts

January 17th, 2017

It’s called Nitro Coffee, and if you think that jolting your favorite dark brew with a blast of nitrogen gas sounds like a great idea, you’re not alone.


The growing popularity of Nitro Coffee is one of the hottest trends for coffee drinkers in 2016, and it looks like 2017 will be even bigger.


What is Nitro Coffee? Nitrogen is a natural, odorless gas. In fact, 78 percent of what you breathe every day is nitrogen. If you force nitrogen into a keg along with coffee, what comes out is a cold, foamy and caffeinated beverage with a creamy, stout flavor.


Those who love Nitro Coffee describe it as “silky” with a smooth and clean finish. It’s served cold straight from a tap. Some like it with ice, while hardcore coffee drinkers take it straight to preserve boldness and body of the beverage.


A specialty roaster in Austin, Texas, claims to have been the first to serve Nitro Coffee in 2012. Mike McKim, owner of Cuvée Coffee, says he was not only the first to serve it on tap, but the first to sell Nitro Coffee in a can starting in 2014.


Since then there’s been no looking back. The coffee-drinking public has embraced Nitro Coffee with a passion. What started out as a specialty drink is quickly gaining mass appeal.


After all, find a way to jazz up a beverage that’s already our No. 1 buzz – and you have a marriage made in heaven.



The Delights of Turkish Coffee

January 16th, 2017

As strong as the feelings that run during a debate, yet as fragrant as an exotic garden, Turkish coffee is garnering fans who’ve enjoyed the treat in their homeland or travels or sampled it in cafes, where it’s gaining traction. It is conducive to two great pleasures of life: solo contemplation or company and conversation.


It is served in small cups, called demitasse cups, usually with a side glass of water, and is meant to be slowly sipped. It is an experience of the bean variety that has the distinction of earning a UNESCO World Heritage honor, on the “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” It is an experience to be slowly crafted, savored, and shared or taken in gourmand solitude and appreciation of each delicious sip.


Part of the tradition is that when the coffee is finished, the person drinking the cup places the saucer on top, tilts the cup over, and the grounds are then read. (If your café worker cleans this up, please tip lavishly as part of the prediction is that you must be very generous.)


Turkish coffee, which is enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, is known respectively as Turkish, Greek, Israeli, Balkan-Europe, or Arabic coffee. This is truly an example of “it’s all good.”


To make Turkish coffee at home you’ll need a small brass pot, known as a cezve, ibrik, or fincan, very finely ground coffee beans, usually Arabica beans, and sugar to taste.


Heat the water over a medium-high heat for several minutes, then lower the heat and add the beans. You may stir to encourage foam, and if you wish, add sugar to taste. Pour the foam into the demitasse cups. This treat is all about the foam. Return the pot to the fire. Let foam again and pour off the foam again. Use the remaining liquid to fill the cups.


Sit. Sip. Enjoy.