Susan McGalla Takes a New Direction for Brand Awareness

August 22nd, 2017

As the Creative Director of Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers it is obvious that Susan McGalla is a leader in the business industry. She has made her way to the top in the business world, and people are going to see the value of having someone like this in place if they are trying to create any type of brand awareness. Susan McGalla is taking a chance at getting more people to recognize the Pittsburg Steelers brand by changing the clothing line. People can really get a good look at the gear because she is giving people access to a whole new method of accessing Pittsburgh Steelers gear. There is an e-commerce site that has been launched, and that gives people access to a plethora of options.

Susan McGalla has been able to build better brand awareness by giving people access to some changes in the clothing line. She is certainly a leader in brand awareness, and much of this has to do with the fact that she has so much experience. She has been in consulting, and she has been a CEO in the retail industry. That is something that she has been passionate about for a long time, and the work that she has done is well respected.

There are new polo shirts and t-shirts. There are also a lot of hats that people can get when they check out the website. Susan is certainly changing the perspective of fans that are interested in fan gear. So many people are going to appreciate the way that McGalla has changed the clothing for everyone looking at woman in the corporate world. So many people that are interested in business will appreciate the way that Susan McGalla has changed the culture. She has inspired a whole lot of women that want to get into business. She has proven that there is a way to break beyond the glass ceiling. More people are able to build a career in marketing because they have seen McGalla doing this. Her CEO status has given her the ability to inspire other women in business.

Shopping and Coffee Drinking Go Hand-In-Hand

August 13th, 2017

It is not unusual to see coffee drinkers out shopping. It makes sense after all because this will be one of the times where they are the most energetic. People that get a little caffeine and sugar into their system are going to be wired for doing tasks. This is why many people drink coffee before they go to work. This is also the reason why so many shoppers will get a cup of coffee before they go out to shop. They want to be alert and engaged in what they are doing.

Retailers are well aware of this coffee shop culture shift, and they are taking advantage of it by implementing strategies where customers can actually get coffee as they walk through the door. For a long time people may have thought that it was just a nice thing that was connected to reading books. Coffee shops would obviously seem like a great thing to do for bookstores. It makes perfect sense for Books-A-Million to have a coffee shop inside of the bookstore. People can sit for hours drinking coffee as they check out books. This may not necessarily be a thing that makes people spend more on books, but they will definitely spend more on coffee. With the books and the coffee being all under one roof it still adds up to profitability for Books-A-Million.

There are other stores like apple that are engaging into the coffee house layout for the store. This is definitely something that other retailers are looking into because Apple has been so profitable. Retailers are actually going to sometimes lure customers simply because coffee is in the building. This may seem strange to the small amount of the population that does not drink coffee, but retailers can definitely see that this is working.

Columbia Coffe Yield to be Lower

August 12th, 2017

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in the world. While it is consumed by people all over the world on a daily basis, a large percentage of the world’s coffee comes from a small region of the world. One country that has continued to be a leader when it comes to the production of coffee is Columbia. While Columbia is normally one of the top producers of coffee in the world, recent weather patterns in the country could put this year’s crop at risk (

In 2016, Columbia had a record year when it produced about 14.2 million bags of green coffee beans. While 2016 was a banner year, many expected that 2017 would be even better. However, it now appears that the 2017 haul will fall short of the 14.5 million bag prediction. At the current rate, the total production will be closer to 14.0 million bags. While this is a good haul compared to historical averages, it will still be a disappointment.

The main reason for the decline in coffee production is considered to be an increased amount of cloud coverage. In most years, Columbia receives a lot of sun. However, this year they have had more rain and cloudy days. While this does not prevent coffee from growing, it does slow the amount that can be produced and sold. While it does not sound like a huge amount of lost coffee, it could have a bad impact on the lives of people that work in the industry in Columbia. Currently more than 500,000 people in the country are directly affected by the coffee industry. Due to lower yields, there will likely be reduced paychecks and higher levels of unemployment. At the same time, exterior competition increases will prevent farmers in Columbia from increasing prices.

Greg Secker Talks Of How People Can Trade On The Foreign Exchange Market

August 12th, 2017

The continued increase in inflation and stagnant wage growth has made the worldwide economy unstable. Traditional trading on stock market is no longer reliable. This situation has left most traders desperately searching for options to make reliable profits. Greg Secker, a master trader, says that now is the right time to invest in forex trade. According to Secker, achieving success in forex trading does not necessarily require a mathematical genius.

Anyone can learn the concepts from software that are available on the internet. However, he advises that potential investors should explore first before choosing the right software. The software comes with demo accounts, which Secker recommends that an investor should use for practice purposes without putting any solid money in the trade. Signing for forex related workshops and seminars are crucial for anyone seeking to make profits in forex trade. He points out that forex trade is easy to start because it requires minimal capital. Secker contends that profits are guaranteed despite of the state of the market.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an accomplished entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an international speaker who became a multi-millionaire in his twenties. He is the founder of one of the most successful trading companies in England, Learn To Trade. He also owns different trading companies, including SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. Achieving an overwhelming success early in life inspired Mr. Greg to give back to the community. Over the years, he has participated in various charity initiatives, including Child Bereavement Trust, Tusk and Royal Princes causes. In 2011, he established the Greg Secker Foundation with the objective of changing people’s lives through education, leadership and life skills.

The highly sought-after speaker has been featured on various media outlets, including Bloomberg and CNBC where he has discussed about market direction. He has shared platforms with prominent figures like Dr. De Martini, Sir Richard Branson and Anthony Robbins. Greg Secker started working at Thomas Cook Financial services before venturing into the forex business. His career quickly stabilized when he joined a top Fortune 500 investment bank, Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president. This is where his trading prominence began. His achievements in the trading world have seen him receive numerous awards, including the London Excellence Award, Best Forex Educator in Global Banking & Finance Review, and Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards.


New Study Finds That Coffee is Good for You

August 11th, 2017

Coffee drinkers can rest assured knowing that their addiction to caffeine may actually be good for their health.

A new study released last Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine publication reveals that coffee drinkers have less risk of dying from heart disease than those who do not drink coffee.

The research was conducted on populations living in the Los Angeles and Hawaiian regions. 185,000 people in total were examined for the entirety of the study. Overall, it was found that persons who drank at least 2 cups of coffee per day had an 18 percent lower risk of dying from a heart-related disease.

This turned out to be true for most of the racial groups within the study. Native Hawaiians were the only group found to not have a drastic difference between coffee drinkers and non-coffee consumers. Both groups of Native Hawaiian people were found to have equal risk of heart disease whether they consumed coffee or not.

The study did not specify whether coffee drinkers were using cream and sugar in their coffee. However, other studies have shown that black coffee is better for your overall health–especially for protecting your liver against disease.

Finding out coffee has health benefits is great news, but don’t start guzzling down gallons of it. According to many sources, up to 4 cups of coffee is a safe and healthy number to stop at. The average cup of coffee contains about 8 ounces of black coffee in this case. More than 4 cups can lead to an upset stomach, restlessness, and headaches.

There’s Something Good About Your Morning Coffee!

August 10th, 2017

There have always been talks and debates about the numerous health benefits that coffee has on people. And sure, we all want to justify the extra caffeine that we need to start out the day, but scientists are on our side for once, showing us that our love for coffee is a good thing. Many people say that they can’t live without their morning cup of coffee, and for those people, they won’t just be able to live but will be able to live a lot longer, if scientists are right. Coffee is a natural vasodilator, which helps improve the blood circulation throughout your body, but recent research points towards the fact that coffee might also increase life expectancy. Coffee is also incredibly rich in antioxidants and has a ton of good things which is why it has been getting so much praise lately. Coffee is also known to have certain properties which can help keep cancerous cells at bay and reduce the chance of being diagnosed with a chronic condition.

This, however, isn’t a justification to drink seven cups of coffee per day, or even the extra caramel, extra whipped cream one’s either. When scientists say that it is healthy to drink coffee, they are referring to those who drink just one or two cups of black or semi-milk coffee, with just a bit of sugar to keep out the bitter taste. A study was conducted by the University of Southern California, where by a large sample size of coffee drinkers and not coffee drinkers were taken to analyze the effect it had on their bodies and life expectancy. The results were something that every coffee lover has hoped for, which shows us that there is always a white light at the end of a tunnel, or in this case, a good cup of coffee.

Luring Shoppers With Coffee

August 9th, 2017

There are many shoppers that never heard of the word Barista before Starbucks. Now it appears that a Starbucks may be coming to a local shopping mall near you. This is becoming the best way to lure shoppers into stores. Bookstores have been coupled with coffee shops for a long time because this has been a profitable way to lure customers into stores. There are a lot of consumers that will buy books on the spot and get a cup of coffee and stay leave the store. There are others that may buy several cups of coffee as they browse through the books that are available. Either way, the store is set to make money by adding a beverage shop like a coffee store.

In America coffee culture has become a big thing. There are lots of people that go out with friends simply for a cup of coffee. It has become a trendy thing to do because there are so many people that are engaging in the premium style coffee that is about the same as the cost of a meal. It is not uncommon for people to pay five or six dollars for a cup of coffee from Starbucks. In fact, this has become the standard for many stores that sell lattes and other types of coffee drinks.

Apple has implemented a coffee store in to some of the retail environments. Target has also put coffee into the equation. People are going to be much more fun of shopping in places where coffee is available because this is one less stop that they will have to make. If a person is able to get coffee and clothes in the same location this means that they will not have to stop by Starbucks after they leave a clothing store.

Can Drinking Coffee Increase Your Life Expectancy?

August 8th, 2017

Many people begin their day with a piping hot cup of coffee, and for many, the desire for the taste leads to a second or third cup elsewhere during the day. There has always been some speculation concerning coffee consumption. Many people think coffee is harmful to the health, while others delightfully enjoy their java without any concern. New studies debate the harm of coffee, instead pointing out the highlights of the drink, citing that consumption may lead to a longer life span.

Two recently conducted studies indicate that coffee may help you enjoy a longer, more enjoyable life, particularly if you are a non-white individual. The two studies are among the largest ever conducted concerning coffee consumption. The first study tallied more than 350,000 people from 10 European countries. The second study focused on the non-white population, with over 185,000 participants from Latino, African-American, Hawaiian, Japanese, and other descents.

In this study, participants consuming two to four cups of coffee per day increased their life expectancy by 18%. The increased life span resulted in both groups of research participants. The full findings of the study were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

There’s been plenty of coffee-related studies conducted throughout the years, and most of the studies report coffee isn’t as bad for the health as previously thought. If you are a proud coffee drinker who couldn’t picture their day without their Joe, perhaps now you can leave your worries behind and drink up without concern of potential negative health consequences.

‘Coffee Naps’ Are Essential For You, and Here’ Why

August 7th, 2017

Very rarely would you hear the word coffee and nap go hand in hand, but a strategy that helps bring these two extremes together does make sense. It just might be the boost in the energy you needed to help you go through the day. If you haven’t heard of a coffee nap till now, then don’t worry, it is precisely what it sounds like.

You drink a cup of coffee and take a short nap right after that. Now, many of you may be thinking how is it even possible to sleep after having a cup of coffee, but do you know that the caffeine in your cup of coffee only gets activated after around thirty minutes of intake. So, yes, it is very much possible to sleep right away after taking a cup of coffee.

Ideally, coffee naps are just about for half an hour, so by the time the punch from your coffee starts to kick in, you would be ready and rejuvenated. It is just the kind of power boost that the busy professionals need these days in their daily routine. It can help in ways more than one to reduce stress and improve performance at work. Even though there are no official medical studies that report this conclusively, there has been a few research conducted on the effectiveness of coffee nap.

In most of the research on coffee naps, it has been seen that the people who combined java and a power nap performed better than the ones who just slept or had a coffee, but not together. In conclusion, it can be said that if you love to take naps and can’t do without your coffee, then coffee rest is worth a try. Just make sure that you integrate coffee naps in your work hours, and not around morning hours or the bedtime.

Is Coffee Actually Healthy?

August 6th, 2017

There is a whole lot of discussion and debate about the nature of coffee, whether its positives outweigh its negatives and why anyone would drink a bunch of steamed bean water to begin with? The latter question is easy enough to answer – no, coffee is not a inherently pleasant tasting drink, especially for women who are more sensitive to bitterness than men (which is why less women drink beer than men), but if one eases into any kind of drink gradually one gets readily used to it and then expects almost nothing else; what we call, an acquired taste.

As far as the medically verifiable health benefits related to coffee, those are also easy to answer and incredibly well documented. From reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s, suicide due to depression or reducing the risk of heart disease, coffee has numerous unique health positive benefits. There is also the obvious boost to energy that it presents and the pleasing aroma (which most people like even if they do not particularly care for the taste of the beverage. Coffee also increases fiber intake and reduces the effects of muscle pain, such as that which might be sustained through a strenuous work-out regime.

Now, naturally, too much coffee is bad, it can be bad for your teeth (which it can stain) and bad for your heart (mix coffee with energy drinks and you can quite literally kill yourself!) but this could be said of literally anything; as the old saying goes, “Everything in moderation.”