Beyonce’s Hometown Pastor Opens Coffee Shop Outreach Center

April 27th, 2017

The Houston pastor whose congregation has included Beyoncé Gisele Knowles-Carter has opened a new coffee house in Texas. Pastor Rudy Rasmus describes his church’s new coffee shop as “committed to changing lives through good coffee.”


Beyonce’s spiritual advisor says he has long had a dream of operating a coffee shop, and that dream is soon to be realized. April 15, 2017 at 6:30 a.m. is slated as the opening date of ThroughGood coffee shop, according to a street art-style photo posted on Pastor Rudy’s Instagram page. The café will be located at 732 West 27th Street in Houston.


ThroughGood will serve the HIV-positive and homeless populations of Houston as part of the church’s outreach ministry.


The coffee shop’s Facebook page shows the interior of the shop during the renovation or building stage, the countertops covered in brown paper. The walls and counters are covered in what looks like reclaimed wood in a dark color surrounded by light-colored trim, copper light fixtures, and a large blackboard menu board. An exterior photo shows large windows and a simple red awning over the door. The atmosphere of the empty café looks modern, yet homey and inviting.


Pastor Rudy and his wife, Juanita Rasmus, are co-pastors of St. John’s United Methodist Church, where Beyoncé was a member of the church choir as a child along with her sister Solange. In 2002, the pop superstar, former bandmate Kelly Rowland, and Beyoncé’s parents Tina and Mathew Knowles contributed over half a million dollars to St. John’s to help the church build a youth center. Then in 2005 when Houston experienced an influx of refugees from Hurricane Katrina, the Knowles family and Rowlands contributed over a million dollars to help the church build homes for displaced families.


While waiting for the coffee shop to open, visitors to can sign up to be e-mailed the latest developments.


Lime Crime and the Unicorn trend, a colorful trend for a colorful brand.

April 27th, 2017

Unicorns have been all over The beauty scene recently. coffee, highlighters and now the cosmetic company Lime Crime have caught on to this trend. The iconic indie brand has recently announced “Unicorn hair dye” which comes in 13 shades to match any colorful taste. The Cult brand has always catered to those who want to be noticed, the vegan cosmetics company adds bold colors to its packaging, making sure to leave a statement on its customers. the successful brainchild of founder Doe Deere, originally came out with the Velvetine liquid lipsticks and has expanded to hair products, eye shadows and has expanded its original liquid lipstick collection. The brand’s products are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and have an intensity that rivals such well-known brands as Mac for formula. The brand has gained a following on popular platforms such as Youtube and Beauty blogs which have boosted its reputation into a strong brand that is not going anywhere anytime soon.



The new dye comes in two formulas, full coverage, and tints. Full coverage has more opaque results which are ideal for those with bleached or light hair, and for those who have darker locks or just want a “barely there” dye. The tint will give you a wash of color.


The thought of bright, bold hair colors is intimidating to some. Will it stain? Will it wash out in my shower leaving nothing but a sad dull undertone? These questions are answered in the FAQ about the not yet released hair dyes. Unicorn hair dye is a semi-permanent hair dye, with an average lifespan of 10-12 shampoos. Longevity of hair dye and the boldness of the color can depend on shower temperature, the life cycle of hair follicles and general hair maintenance. But for those who are just beginning to experiment with bold colors or for those who love to make heads turn but can never stay loyal to one shade. Lime crime provides a fantastic outlet for those who are catching onto the Unicorn trend.

Have You Been Consuming Tons of Calories in Your Coffee?

April 26th, 2017

Most adults love coffee, and who can blame them? Coffee is an excellent food for people who like to get up before they’re ready to get up, get extra work done at the end of the day, and stay awake even when they’re entirely sleepy. Moreover, coffee tastes awesome, and it’s definitely a good choice when it’s super cold outside.


The problem occurs when our coffee drinks become laden with too much sugar, fat and calories. Here are several things to watch out for when making or buying your coffee.


  1. Too much milk and sugar


Most people put milk and sugar in their coffee. In the U.S., we tend to call it cream and sugar. Regardless of how you name it, this type of addition can make for a lot of extra calories and fat in your diet if you’re not careful. Try to putting too much milk and sugar in your coffee so that you can avoid having to go up a dress size. If it helps, try measuring a few tablespoons of cream and measuring your sugar as well. You might even substitute honey or stevia for sugar.


  1. Sugary creamers


Numerous creamers are available at the store, and many of them are almost as bad for you as the highest calorie ice cream. If there’s a brownie or a cookie on the label, this isn’t good new for your health or your waistline.


  1. Fancy coffee drinks at cafes


Fancy coffee shops and cafes often have numerous calorie-laden drinks on the menu. These can be super tasty, but they’re also full of calories that you probably don’t need. Watch out if the drink you order actually tastes like a candy bar in liquid form.


  1. Fancy alcoholic coffee drinks


In addition to fancy coffee drinks in general, there are also numerous types of coffee drinks that include alcohol. When alcohol is involved, you’ll notice that the calorie count skyrockets, so beware.


Coffee can be a great drink to have on a daily basis, but if you’re going to make it into more of a dessert, you’ll need to treat it like one and limit your intake.


The Delights of Turkish Coffee

April 25th, 2017

As strong as the feelings that run during a debate, yet as fragrant as an exotic garden, Turkish coffee is garnering fans who’ve enjoyed the treat in their homeland or travels or sampled it in cafes, where it’s gaining traction. It is conducive to two great pleasures of life: solo contemplation or company and conversation.

It is served in small cups, called demitasse cups, usually with a side glass of water, and is meant to be slowly sipped. It is an experience of the bean variety that has the distinction of earning a UNESCO World Heritage honor, on the “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” It is an experience to be slowly crafted, savored, and shared or taken in gourmand solitude and appreciation of each delicious sip.

Part of the tradition is that when the coffee is finished, the person drinking the cup places the saucer on top, tilts the cup over, and the grounds are then read. (If your café worker cleans this up, please tip lavishly as part of the prediction is that you must be very generous.)

Turkish coffee, which is enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, is known respectively as Turkish, Greek, Israeli, Balkan-Europe, or Arabic coffee. This is truly an example of “it’s all good.”

To make Turkish coffee at home you’ll need a small brass pot, known as a cezve, ibrik, or fincan, very finely ground coffee beans, usually Arabica beans, and sugar to taste.

Heat the water over a medium-high heat for several minutes, then lower the heat and add the beans. You may stir to encourage foam, and if you wish, add sugar to taste. Pour the foam into the demitasse cups. This treat is all about the foam. Return the pot to the fire. Let foam again and pour off the foam again. Use the remaining liquid to fill the cups.

Sit. Sip. Enjoy.

Finding “The Light” with The Kabbalah Centre

April 9th, 2017

Most people have heard of Kabbalah. It’s been promoted by celebrities including Madonna, Paris Hilton and the like. With so much media coverage and celebrity promotion, one may speculate it to be similar to Scientology in the cult like attention it received by celebrities and could not be based on teachings, but rather a scheme of sorts. While people may see this as a “fad” religion based on books and a movie, the fact of the matter is that Kabbalah isn’t a religion at all, has been around for ages and has very deeply rooted teachings of Jewish mysticism.

With celebrities making assertions that Kabbalah has rid their lives of all chaos, one has to wonder how “The Secret,” red string bracelets and special water have anything to do with ancient Jewish mysticism. These concerns are addressed with gaining a simple understanding of the religion and why it’s so special. The Kabbalah Centre website offers a great summary that explains the basis of the teachings:

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work. On a literal level, the word Kabbalah means “to receive.” It’s the study of how to receive fulfillment in our lives.” It then goes on to give a deeper explanation:

Kabbalah is an ancient paradigm for living. It teaches that all of the branches of our lives — health, relationships, careers — emanate from the same trunk and the same root. It’s the technology of how the universe works at the core level. It’s a way of looking at the world that can connect you to the kind of permanent fulfillment you seek.”

The basis behind Kabbalah isn’t any sort of religion but teachings that have been learned from “The Book of Formation,” that is well over 5000 years old. The teachings refer to finding the “light” while discovering the spiritual path. This “light” transcends all religions, races, cultures and gender and almost being indescribable due to its force.

The Kabbalah Centre has been spreading the word of these teachings in recent history. Starting as just a small organization in Israel, it has grown to many different countries across the globe. The Kabbalah Centre also offers many free videos and articles that can be researched on its website at



World Leaders Keep Getting Hotter

April 3rd, 2017


There have been some of the hottest politicians seen throughout history. Presidents and even the Prime Ministers are all starting to look like celebrities. Maybe this is why our current generation is starting to get more into politics again! There is now a lot of vain in politics and this list is all about that. Here is a list of the top 10 most attractive world leaders:


  1. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – David Cameron born October 9, 1966
  2. The Prime Minister of Australia – Malcolm Turnbull, the definition of a “silver fox”
  3. President of Slovenia – Borut Pahor, with the “old hollywood movie star” look
  4. President of Mexico – Enrique Pena Nieto, a handsome leader with a boyish charm
  5. President of Argentina, and the only female to make the list – Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, there is nothing hotter than a woman in power
  6. The King of Spain – King Felipe VI, a young and handsome king
  7. Prime Minister of Greece – Alexis Tsipras, one of the sexiest politicians ever
  8. President of Ecuador – Rafael Correa, sexy and smart – it’s a double whammy
  9. The Former President of the United States – Barack Obama, he gets better the older he gets
  10. Prime Minister of Canada – Justin Trudeau, by far the hottest world leader


Most of the politicians we see are not only powerful and intelligent but they are also well-spoken and they have a dream of helping their country. This gives them a sexy demeanor. Just like you and I, some of them are better looking than others. So go ahead and take a look at these top 10 sexy politicians and see if you agree with the list!

Aspiring Models- Nine9 Agency

March 30th, 2017

Modeling is now considered as a full-time career with young talented individuals trying a hand into the industry. The modeling industry has been experiencing tremendous expansion, and individuals, as well as firms, have established modeling agencies to assist the upcoming talented male and female models. One of the leading modeling agencies is Nine9, and some models had to say this about the company.

  • John L: John mentioned that he had had a good time in Nine9 not only during the photo shots but the agency has opened doors for him. John has landed an opportunity as a supporter in an upcoming online show. He is looking forward for more possibilities in the future.
  • Kenny M: she is glad that despite being new at Nine9, she has already gotten auditions which are a great start for her and hoping for bigger future with Nine9 Agency.
  • Taylor J: she also enrolled with the Nine9 agency, and her mother is excited about the opportunity. Taylor’s mother said as Christians they firmly believe it was God’s time for her daughter to begin her career, and the thanked God for placing Nine9 in their daughter’s life at the right time.

Nine9 Agency is one of the leading modeling agencies in the United States. The modeling agency was created with a sole purpose of identifying talent and providing appropriate tools and opportunity for the growth of the talent. Nine9 Agency was founded in 2003, and since its inception, it has been expanding and has been recognized as a leader in casting across the nation. The modeling firm has devoted staff with a vast experience in handling and managing customers, booking, as well as advising their clients. At Nine9, they ensure their clients get casting opportunities, which range from television, films to commercials, music videos, runway, prints, and promotional castings.


Starbucks Set to Invade Italy

March 26th, 2017

It was only a matter of time. Starbucks, long described as the evil empire of coffee, is set to invade Italy sometime in 2017. The Seattle-based multinational company plans to open a Reserve roastery in downtown Milan, its first ever entry into the Italian market. Wait, isn’t Italy already globally recognized for it delicious, deep-roasted coffee? Didn’t Starbucks originally steal its Italian style coffee from Italy?


Howard Shultz, the CEO of Starbucks, says the company plans to open stores in Italy, the country nicknamed the “home of coffee,” with “humility and respect.” Still, many Italians will no doubt agree that building a 25,500 square-foot coffee space in central Milan is anything but respectful. After the launch of the Reserve roastery, Starbucks plans to open a number of small stores in Milan by 2018. All in all, the company hopes to open 20 to 30 roastery cafes throughout the world.


Will Starbucks be able to establish a niche for itself in the home of espresso? It’s hard to say, really. Italians can already order a superior (and cheaper) cup of coffee at any of Milan’s numerous coffeehouses. So what is Starbucks really trying to sell to an already caffeinated Italian populace?


According to Wired magazine, Starbucks is selling its ambiance and environment. Starbucks traffics in a sort of bland and comforting internationalism. People don’t just go to Starbucks for the muffins and strong, slightly burnt tasting coffee. They go because Starbucks offers a neutral, inoffensive environment where they can work on their laptops or meet for first dates. The unimposing space makes people feel at home. In the end, Starbucks is hoping to sell its atmosphere to the Italians, not its coffee.

Is Coffee Actually Good For You?

March 25th, 2017

Almost everyone partakes in coffee each and every day, but only some of us get crazy with caffeine. Is this bad? How healthy is caffeine? In the following article, we’ll explore how healthy coffee and caffeine in general is for your body.


First, it’s important to note that you definitely can drink too much coffee. In fact, drinking too much coffee will likely make you feel out of sorts and a bit frazzled. Four cups of coffee has approximately 500 mg of caffeine, and that’s enough to cause insomnia, nervousness, an upset stomach and irritability. It may even cause an irregular heartbeat.


But there are benefits to caffeine as well. First of all, we all know that caffeine can help us get things done. It boosts your energy levels and helps you to perform better at all sorts of tasks. In addition, it can actually help you get a better workout. For example, some people take a caffeine pill before they exercise to take advantage of this benefit. Because caffeine gives you more energy and helps you perform better mentally and physically, it makes sense that you’ll burn more calories if you have a bit of caffeine before you exercise


Furthermore, caffeine has been known to lower the risk of some cancers, such as colon cancer. With that being said, this study was talking about the caffeine in coffee and not the caffeine in energy drinks. In moderation, coffee has been known to help with cardiovascular health, and it may even improve your memory too. Some people take caffeine or drink coffee to improve pain as well.


In conclusion, if you drink a reasonable amount of of coffee each day, you should be fine. Don’t worry too much. Overall, the benefits of coffee seem to outweigh the drawbacks, so keep drinking up.


Wine or Coffee? In California, a New Infusion Means Both

March 24th, 2017

Coffee and wine lovers who have dreamed of the day when these two beverages could be successfully mixed are in luck this year: according to fashion and lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan, a Napa Valley vintner and coffee connoisseur has created a strain of wine-infused java.


The wine coffee infusion does not entail hybrid botany. The Molinari Private Reserve began experimenting with adding wine to the coffee roasting process last year. The result is a coffee beverage that smells like wine and tastes as if blueberries were added.


To get a stronger taste of wine, the vintners at Molinari suggest adding milk and letting the cup rest for a couple of minutes. The alcoholic content should not be a concern to coffee drinkers since it mostly evaporates during the roasting process. This means that coffee lovers will not get drunk with this new beverage.


According to the roasters at Molinari, the coffee beans are initially roasted to to a very dry consistency that calls for a process of hydration, which is accomplished with a red wine from their own preserve. The idea is to not overwhelm the coffee taste but to add the aroma and some of the taste.


The ground beans can be used to prepare coffee on a French press, drip coffeemaker, percolator, or espresso machine. Reports from the initial tastings suggest that one of the best ways to prepare this new blend is by means of a sweet latte; other reports indicate that iced coffee is not the best idea. In and of itself, this is not a particularly strong roast.


This new coffee concoction is available as an online retail purchase from Molinari Private Reserve website. A small satchel, about a quarter of a pound, costs $20. Some stores in the Napa Valley are also carrying this unique roast.