Susan McGalla: An Example of Visionary Corporate Leadership

September 14th, 2017

Susan McGalla, a business executive in Pennsylvania, is known for her visionary corporate leadership as she helped a number of firms to display excellent growth during her period. She is also known for promoting women’s leadership and showed that women have greater roles in the executive leadership level. The young executive, at her forties, has already served as the president and chief merchandising officer of American Eagle Outfitters. She is also actively involved in community development projects by serving on their advisory boards. Interestingly, McGalla started her career with Joseph Horne Company, a departmental store, in 1986, and she worked in various roles from marketing roles to managerial positions.

McGalla left the firm 1994 and joined American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for the clothing section of women. In the next few years, she worked in different departments of the firm and finally became its Chief Merchandising Officer. McGalla helped the company to improve its profit and industry-leading revenue. It should be noted that during her period, the firm’s revenue has increased many folds from $340 million to more than billion. Interestingly, McGalla initially took the responsibility of one brand, including its development and portfolio expansion, and later, she started taking care of four brands of the firm. Her hard work helped the company to generate a profit of $400 million, and the firm expanded to more than 1,000 stores, with at least 28,000 employees by 2008. McGalla left the company in 2009.

After leaving American Eagle, she worked as a Retail Industry Consultant for two years. In 2013, McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting, an advisory firm working for providing financial inputs to the investors on Wall Street with both sell-side and buy-side analysis. Considering her deep expertise in the retail industry, McGalla offered specialized services to the retail industry. The advisory services included marketing, branding, omnichannel execution, and product merchandising, operational efficiencies, and talent management.

From February 2015, McGalla started working with Pittsburgh Steelers as VP with responsibilities including Creative Development and Business Strategy. Pittsburgh Steelers is an NFL league team based in Pittsburgh. McGalla is an active proponent of women’s leadership and encourages young women to garner greater success in their career. She says that her family helped her to present herself better and showcase her talents. McGalla also mentors many aspiring women to succeed their goals in the career. She completed her graduation in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College, before starting her career.

Matthew Autterson: The Businessman with Society’s Best Interests at Heart About

September 13th, 2017

Matthew Autterson is a Denver-based finance professional with twenty-five years’ experience in the business. He is famed for his contribution to society through the Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He is highly skilled in wealth management and has held several senior positions in the finance sector.

Academic background

Autterson studied finance at the Michigan State University where he graduated in 1980, with a B.A in Finance. After that, he took part in the graduate tax program at the University of Denver.

Professional background

Matthew started his career at First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv, till the year 1982. He proceeded to work for a Colorado chartered trust, a subsidiary of Integrated Resources Inc., in New York City.

Matthew Autterson is a board member of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems, (FAB). Moreover, he is a chairman of the board of directors of Denver hospice. He is the chief executive officer at CNS Bioscience Inc., a brainchild of Mr. Scott Falci. The company manufactures drugs for neuropathic pain at clinical stage.

Matthew has held a leadership position at the Denver zoo board and the Denver Zoological Foundation.

The Falci Adaptive Biosystems

FAB is a nonprofit company founded by Dr. Scott Falci, a competent neurosurgeon. The company creates human-interface machinery and novel technologies that assist persons with neuromotor disabilities, to efficiently conduct their daily activities. The company uses engineering and medical concepts to design systems that are compatible with physically challenged to enable them to lead a near-normal life. The company has a program dubbed the Falci adaptive motorsports program. Its core function is to inspire wheelchair-bound persons so that they can participate in races like other athletes and feel accommodated in society.

Matthew’s social activities

Matthew is a social person, interacting with people in functions and social media platforms. He has active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He can be considered a man of the people.

The Baja 1000 Race

Autterson recently teamed up with Holly Kylberg, a renown socialite, in the Baja 1000 race that was held in Mexico. Upon covering 1296 miles, they finished four hours earlier than their rival team led by Patrick Dempsey.

The Do at The Zoo

Sherri Koelbel invited 2500 guests to a fundraiser for the construction of a carousel, for Denver kids. Matthew mobilized his corporate counterparts to attend the event hosted by Sherri Koelbel. They contributed funds of an estimated value of six hundred thousand U.S dollars.


Rocketship Education Is Working To Ensure That Public Schools Are At Par With The Private Ones

September 13th, 2017

From the time Rocketship Education began championing the idea of personalized learning in the American education system, the non-profit organization has made several discoveries that will help realize the idea of a student-centric school system. The institution has come up with a 10 point report on what schools in the field of personalized learning need to do to serve their students and the community better.

First, the school has come up with an innovative approach to the subject of personalized learning. Rocketship Education has discovered that for teachers to be able to deliver the best education to students, they have to extend the learning process beyond the classroom. The school has integrated a new model in the curriculum through which teachers get to visit each student’s home for them to have a better understanding of a student’s family background. This approach also helps to nurture a healthy relationship between a student, their family, and the institution.

Rocketship Education is focused entirely on primary education. The school has focused a lot of its time and resources in creating demand for public schools. According to Rocketship Education, the public schools will develop if there is demand. Creating a parallel system to the public school’s system will not cure the shortcomings of the public schools model. For public education to improve, public schools need to be at par with the private schools to attract demand and subsequently attract funding from organizations and government.

Rocketship Education is a charity that is focused on improving the education in the public elementary schools. The team runs some public basic-learning schools in the United States. Rocketship Education provides an alternative to students from low-income families and those who come from neighborhoods with limited access to excellent schools.

Rocketship Education is headquartered in Redwood City, California. The founding fathers of the group of schools are Preston Smith and John Danner. The pioneers of the institution had the idea of blending adaptive software with traditional learning to ensure that students improve their performance. Rocketship Education has grown over the years to become the success it is today. Currently, the organization manages over sixteen chartered schools across different states in the US.

According to Michel Terpin

September 10th, 2017

According to Michel Terpin, there are two things that make a leader great. First, a great leader is able to lead from the front. Leaders should be able to lead by example. They should be able to commit themselves to a project in the same way or in a bigger way than any of their subjects.

Second, a great leader should be able to separate his personal life from his work. A leader who is able to work while going through a difficult time with the family is a great asset to the company or society for which he works. On the issue of ratios, losing is okay with him.

Terpin’s greatest strength is his ability to work long hours when the workload is intense. He can work long and odd hours to meet deadlines. He is also able to handle diverse roads with the help of research. While he knows that passion in a given topic area gives any driver unique abilities, he also believes that proper research is a better friend. Terpin’s ability to research anything gives him an advantage. Politically, he is liberal.

Great leaders are those who work along side the people they lead, look out for them and listen without being condescending. They have integrity and values, which they live to uphold, regardless of the circumstances they face. They have effective communication skills, regularly communicating with their team so as not to create a void. They reprimand, when necessary, from a genuine place of love and to help each person improve. A great leader is open to corrections and new learning, understanding that, as humans, we are fallible.

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Gregory Aziz: CEO of National Steel Car

September 7th, 2017


National Steel Car is a railroad freight car manufacturing company. Aziz has been with National Steel Car 23 years. National Steel Car is recognized for its original designs of railroad freight cars. Gregory J. Aziz has worked with a variety of individuals over his tenure at National Steel Car, which is located in Ontario. National Steel Car is North America’s top railroad freight car and manufacturer since 1912. Gregory J. Aziz appreciates challenges and a variety of them. Gregory Aziz makes sure National Steel Car is true to its central values, the purpose of this company being to honor past traditions, move forward in a determined manner, perform with excellence, and to lead the way in the railroad freight industry.


Gregory J. Aziz has an education in economics. He started off in the family wholesale foods business, Affiliated Foods. In the 1980s and 1990s, Aziz worked on various investment banking opportunities. He bought National Steel Car in 1994. Aziz was manufacturing 12,000 cars by 1999 from the 3,500 per year at the time National Steel Car was purchased. National Steel Car is certified ISO 9001:2008 and is the only producer of railroad cars in Canada.

National Steel Car as a business shares rolling stock with Eastern Car Company. In 1994, Gregory J. Aziz bought National Steel Car when he owned National Industries, Inc. National Steel car is productive with making freight cars such as the boxcar, coil car, flat car, gondola car, hopper car, intermodal car, and the tank car. Gregory J. Aziz got more business for North America starting around 1995. Under Gregory J. Aziz, National Steel Car was ranked the best in manufacturing as it has had almost a century worth of experience. Aziz has made the National Steel Car Company stronger. For twenty years, Aziz is responsible for producing the highest quality cars. In five years alone, Aziz went from having 600 employees to having 3,000 between 1994 and 1999. His know-how and experience in the steel car business has been what has propelled his company to its present success. National Steel Car is under the appropriate leadership.


Nick Vertucci: The Real Estate Investor Behind The Real Estate Academy

September 4th, 2017

Nick Vertucci is a shining example of how you can turn your life around at any age. He is the founder and CEO of the Real Estate Academy, an organization that offers training and seminars to those who want to know how they can invest and earns more through the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci previously used to run his own business selling computer parts. He was relatively well off in his career until things started going south. He lost his entire business and also the money that he had of his own. He had to spend eighteen months without a job and was slowly sinking into a pool of debt. During this time, he attended a seminar on real estate, which he calls ‘the best decision of his life.’ This workshop introduced him into the world of real estate and taught him how to get out of the financial debt that he had been in.



Nick Vertucci figured that this would be a good path for him to embark on to reach his goals and be able to provide well for his family. He worked hard and ultimately made it, becoming a millionaire doing real estate. It was when he reached this level of success that he thought about his next step in his professional life, which is when he decided that he would try to help others who have been in similar situations like this. The Real Estate Academy was something that he decided to startup to help him with this goal. Today, the Real Estate Academy has full fledged training programs with a large faculty to help train all the students who come there to be better real estate developers and investors. Numerous people who have attended the workshops that the Real Estate Academy has have come forward to say how the academy has changed their lives for the better.



The Real Estate Academy started accepting students in 2013 and since then has given their training to thousands of students who have been part of the multiple programs and courses that the Academy has. The real estate Academy is not just limited to one city and has workshops in different cities across the country. By using a system that Nick Vertucci has devised himself, he helps all the people who want to make it in the industry, or want to work their way out a financial situation that they might be in.


USHEALTH Group Promotes Customer Service and Dedication to Customers

September 4th, 2017

It is somewhat unusual for a company that offers insurance to be as dedicated to customer service as what USHEALTH Group is, but they know that they are able to provide people with the things that they need through the opportunities that they have for success. They have always done their best to ensure that people are being taken care of and they don’t let insurance laws stop them from trying to make their customers as happy as they possibly can with all of the things that they are able to offer. The company is more than just an insurance company and they do what they can to show their clients that they really care about them no matter what they are doing or what is going on in the industry that they are a part of. For insurance companies, it can be hard to have this type of dedication to all of the customers that they have.


Even when things got difficult for USHEALTH Group, they continued to be sure that their customers were put first before everything else that they did. As things have continued to get better for USHEALTH Group, they know that they are doing everything right and that they are showing people the options that they need to be successful. Since USHEALTH Group first started, they knew that they were going to give people different options and that they were going to offer them all of the chances that they needed to be successful in different areas.


As people have learned more about USHEALTH Group and the things that are going on with the company, USHEALTH Group continues to show them what they are able to do and the opportunities that they are able to have. The company knows what they are capable of doing and they know that they can try their best to give people the best health insurance possible. Even when they are severely limited by the health care acts, USHEALTH Group does not let that stop them and they continue to give people the exact type of service that they want.


The company continues to grow and people continue to see all of the opportunities that they have for success with USHEALTH Group. They know what they can get from the insurance and the entire family can go on a plan thanks to the way that USHEALTH Group is set up. For the company to do this, they have to be sure that they are showing others what they can get and how things will continue to get better for all of the customers that they have who are working to make their own lives better in the health care field.” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


The Nick Vertucci Academy: polishing entrepreneurs

September 1st, 2017

A real estate company, named as Nick Vertucci Academy, is one of the only kind of academy which inspires and encourages people to follow their heart and career they always wanted to. This academy was founded in 2013 and has worked, and still working with a lot of amazing and successful real estate agents, to make this industry grow faster. This academy is one of the most well-reputed academies currently training a huge mass so that they can improve and can be more skillful to run their businesses; this academy also focuses on polishing the already present skills of real estate agents so that they can grow the market of the country.



The Nick Vertucci Academy organizes and arranges workshops all over the country and is readily available for all kind of people who want motivation and inspiration to be more skillful and work better in their fields. The founder of this company is Nick Vertucci, who has learned from his own experiences and understands how important it is to have a better business approach and more skillful to get success in one’s field. He is a self-made business man and an entrepreneur who has been in this market for a very long time and is well experienced in this field. He has made a list of all his experiences that what should be done, and what not to run a successful business. After being this long in the market, conducting a lot of workshops, he decided to run his own business and organization to transfer his knowledge to new coming generation so that they can do better in future. He has formulated a particular formula, and he believes who ever follows that can be successful and can run his own business.



Nick Vertucci wanted this his Academy brings positive change in the people and among the people who are there to attend workshops and to learn so that they can get better and more skillful. The programs they mainly deal with are related to real estate, so all the new investments and news are directly given to the students who are there to attend workshops, the real reason to do that, is to tell them how important is to stay updated in this field. Nick Vertucci also provides many opportunities to the attendees, so that they can at least start their career and get more experiences, as the lessons learned practically are better than learned theoretically.


Securus Technologies Is Moving Forward

August 26th, 2017

The clients of Securus Technologies have written about them in a positive fashion. The company is proud of what they have been able to do for them in terms of safety at their correctional facilities clear across the nation. They published an article that lets the public know what these facilities think of their company and the various technologies that they implement.


Securus Technologies also wants the public to be able to see what they are working on currently. The people can visit their TX plant and see the technologies they are working on firsthand. This is an excellent way for the people to ask any questions that they might have during a presentation and tour of the plant.


The company has clients all across the US. They are known the world over for their excellent contributions to the public safety industry. They are experts at both the civil and criminal aspect6s in implementing justice.


One of their major clients is the US government. They deal with over a million different inmates over the course of a year. The company utilizes investigations, videos and interviews to make sure that the facilities are safe for all of the prisoners and workers. As they move into the future, they are creating new technologies every week in an effort to make inroads in the safety industry.

Susan McGalla Takes a New Direction for Brand Awareness

August 22nd, 2017

As the Creative Director of Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers it is obvious that Susan McGalla is a leader in the business industry. She has made her way to the top in the business world, and people are going to see the value of having someone like this in place if they are trying to create any type of brand awareness. Susan McGalla is taking a chance at getting more people to recognize the Pittsburg Steelers brand by changing the clothing line. People can really get a good look at the gear because she is giving people access to a whole new method of accessing Pittsburgh Steelers gear. There is an e-commerce site that has been launched, and that gives people access to a plethora of options.

Susan McGalla has been able to build better brand awareness by giving people access to some changes in the clothing line. She is certainly a leader in brand awareness, and much of this has to do with the fact that she has so much experience. She has been in consulting, and she has been a CEO in the retail industry. That is something that she has been passionate about for a long time, and the work that she has done is well respected.

There are new polo shirts and t-shirts. There are also a lot of hats that people can get when they check out the website. Susan is certainly changing the perspective of fans that are interested in fan gear. So many people are going to appreciate the way that McGalla has changed the clothing for everyone looking at woman in the corporate world. So many people that are interested in business will appreciate the way that Susan McGalla has changed the culture. She has inspired a whole lot of women that want to get into business. She has proven that there is a way to break beyond the glass ceiling. More people are able to build a career in marketing because they have seen McGalla doing this. Her CEO status has given her the ability to inspire other women in business.