Greg Secker, Leading Forex Provider and Founder of Greg Secker Foundation

June 22nd, 2017

Greg Secker aged 42, is an entrepreneur, master trader, international speaker, philanthropist and master trader. In 2003, Greg founded the Knowledge to Action Group which is an affiliation of several companies that include Capital Index, Learn to Trade, Smart Chart Software, and the Greg Secker Foundation. As the owner of these organizations, he ensures that they work hand in hand to give people tips of excelling in trading.

About Greg Secker

Greg kick-started his career from humble roots at Thomas Cook Financial services. Afterward, he shifted his focus to the foreign exchange industry where he managed a new business venture known as the Virtual Training Desk (VTD). As a new online platform, VTD is accessed on a real-time basis for Forex trading transactions.

Greg progressed and became the Vice President of a leading Fortune 500 investment bank in the United States known as Mellon Financial Corporation. This position enabled him to experience various international trading centers. As a result, he set up Learn to Trade within three months. Thirteen years later, the leading global company in trading education expanded its offices in Australia, South Africa, and London. Learn to Trade has a track record of educating more than 200,000 people on trading tips through workshops and seminars.

Greg Secker also has other entrepreneurial achievements which include Capital Index, SmartCharts, and FX Capital. Capital Index offers fast trading on CFD, Indices, and Futures. SmartCharts are used to display the latest trading and technology innovations that simplify the process and functionality of trading. FX Capital is a client service company that manages service accounts via the Global Forecast Markets.

Greg Secker Philanthropist

In 2010, Greg founded the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at improving the lives of people. Greg visited the Philippines and started a project known as “Build a House, Build a Home” aimed at constructing 100 permanent houses in Lemery. In March 2017, he was named as a board member of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy.

Within the same year, he was included in the top “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs” by Richtopia because of his active involvement in social issues. Greg has featured on popular market channels such as CNBC & Bloomberg. Also, he is an international speaker who works alongside charities such as Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite.

Is Happy Mug in a Lull?

June 16th, 2017

Happy Mug is a coffee company found in northwestern Pennsylvania. They are responsible for selling to consumers and businesses around the country. They offer on roasted and roasted coffee, organic tea, and all done at affordable prices.


There has been a significant amount of talk recently regarding quality control.

Additionally, some of the roads are identified as “underdeveloped” and “just plain bad.”


When customers go to check on the website and look for, they also find that the website is completely down. Happy Mug has done their best to reassure customers that they are doing fine and that their website is simply going through a redesign at the moment.


Additionally, Happy Mug is eagerly anticipating a number of Central American micro lots, which will be arriving over the summer. Any quality control issues that have been experienced are likely contributed to the lull that exists between the harvest cycles.


The company prides itself on getting coffee beans that have been produced ethically and focus on high quality, fresh beans. They buy from responsible sources that produce certified organic products and pay their workers fair wages.


Those who have tried Happy Mug attest to the fact that the coffee is good and that perhaps, there is a lull in where the beans are coming from, not a problem with the company itself. Further, the coffee that is bought from Happy Mug is identified as among the top three percent when it comes to the best taste that is achieved through coffee, and that’s saying something.


Do Your Liver A Favor And Drink Some Coffee, Research Finds

June 15th, 2017

That steaming hot cup of joe is a morning must-have for most of us, and although we’re often warned not to over-do the coffee consumption, new research shows otherwise.


The analysis compiled from 26 studies has found that people who drink more coffee are less likely to develop liver cancer. The findings come from global testing conducted in the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.


You might ask, what constitutes “more coffee?”


According to the research, they’re referring to folks who enjoy two or more cups a day. Here in the United States, 85% of those who drink coffee, indulge in an average of three cups daily.


Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common form of liver cancer. One cup of coffee per day reduced the risk of this cancer by 20 percent, and two cups by 35 percent. If you indulge in five daily cups of joe, the risk for liver cancer falls by 50%. The studies found that drinking decaffeinated coffee also brought down the cancer risk by 14%.


So then, is the beverage a great natural medicine?


Study author Professor Peter Hayes of the University of Edinburgh believes so, as long as you drink coffee in moderation.


Mr. Hayes does not recommend that everyone out there begin by drinking five cups of joe every morning. Pregnant women, especially, should be careful in that regard, he says because high coffee-caffeine intake can pose potential harm.


More research is needed, but this news is very encouraging.


Front Coffee Leads the Way in San Francisco

June 14th, 2017

There are many great coffee shops in San Francisco. One of the best is Front Coffee, located at the intersection of Flower Grove and Dartmouth Street. It was once simply a place to hang out and enjoy the company of others, but Front Coffee has grown into a delicacy. As one of the smaller stores in San Francisco, it orders all of its products directly from bean growers. This allows them to form personal connections and bring their customers the finest coffee on the west coast. They are well known for a home brewing styles that emphasizes these traits. From the counter to the mug, Front Coffee uses original techniques to grind and brew coffee. The staff calls these methods “edible experiences” that create bonds between your tastebuds and the actual coffee. Because Front Coffee constantly performs taste tests that depend on temperature, origin, and quantity, they are always looking for ways to improve their products. No two coffees are quite the same at the store. Customers are able to specify certain flavors and tastes of their preferences, which allows baristas to create a perfect drink. Overall, Front Coffee is working on innovative techniques to propel to the top of the San Francisco ladder. Judging by their successes in previous months, they are doing a fantastic job. Front Coffee is a frontrunner in the industry and a pioneer when it comes to brewing and blending drinks.


Starbucks Tests Coffee Ice Cubes

June 13th, 2017

If you have ever used Pinterest, the social media platform of choice for crafty gals and wine moms, you probably know the coffee ice cube “hack.” To avoid watering down your iced coffee, freeze some coffee in an ice cube tray, then add it to your drink. Instead of diluting your morning joe, you’ll actually be getting even more of a caffeine buzz! Now Starbucks has hopped on board with this idea and has begun testing coffee ice cubes in select stores.


Customers in 100 Starbucks locations in Baltimore and St. Louis were the first to try this new innovation from the mega coffee chain. For an upcharge of just 80 cents, customers can add the coffee cubes to their iced drink. This is a cheap way to get an extra hit of caffeine as an espresso shot costs $1.75. Some clever Starbucks fans have also already thought of an even better use for the coffee ice cubes. One Reddit user suggests swapping the new item into your favorite Frappuccino to make it bolder and less of a sugar bomb.


According to one barista, the coffee ice is sent to stores in a large, pre-frozen block. Baristas are then required to venture back to the cafe’s giant back of house freezer and break off the cubes to order. When lines get long in the summer heat, this could be a real time-sucking inconvenience. Regardless, customers at the testing locations seem to love the coffee ice cube idea, so here’s hoping it is adopted nation-wide!


Starbucks Coffee: Bittersweet Employment

June 12th, 2017

Coffee-giant Starbucks is generally known for treating its baristas with respect, at least in the form of decent wages and access to limited education assistance. Recently however, they have faced backlash as baristas have come forward with claims that they are overworked and underpaid. Although the company recently put forward an initiative intended to improve support for staff and work toward better customer service, workers have responded to these improvements as being insufficient in addressing the actual problems. They worry that the company has its eyes on automatization, leaving drink-making and order-taking up to machines while cutting out the personality of visiting your local coffee shop.


An innovation made in the recent past is allowing customers to order via a mobile phone app, cutting out the traditional interaction needed for the order. While this can increase efficiency in taking orders, it can leave baristas frantically trying to complete a unpredictable number of remote orders. Additionally, the trendsetting company is known for seasonally releasing new drinks that are difficult to learn and time-consuming to make, leaving customers wanting the hot new drink and baristas hustling to keep up. Earlier this year, one barista posted a video ranting about the new Unicorn Frappuccino, one of the most public examples of Starbucks lack of regard for their drink fairies. While Starbucks continues to dominate the market for specialty coffee beverages, unmatched in store accessibility and consistency, they find themselves struggling to foster a maintainable environment for happy workers.



Avocado Latte Trend Goes Viral

June 11th, 2017

Just when you thought hipster foodie trends couldn’t get any more ridiculous, a new trend emerges: the avocado latte. But how did this strange concoction come to be?

Truman Café in Melbourne, Australia, posted a video of the drink to Instagram with the caption, “Combining two of Melbourne’s obsessions – lattes and avo,” with a laughing emoji on the end. The video has since gone viral, gaining over 8,000 views and hundreds of comments in only a week.

Jaydin Nathan, a barista at the café, told in an interview that it was, in fact, “just a joke.” He was actually surprised when a customer came in and ordered one. “I think it’s ridiculous,” Nathan said, “It’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish.”

It turns out that the idea of the “avocado latte” was born as satire of a saying uttered by older generations about millennials. The statement goes that millennials cannot afford expensive houses in Australia’s major cities because they are too busy running around buying overpriced lattes and eating avocado toast.

The trend has even inspired some to send in fan artwork of the infamous avolatte, which the Truman Café displayed on their Instagram page. “Be proud to be a millennial and raise your avolatte, and take a big creamy sip as we tell those old codgers to kiss our hass!” they captioned the artwork.

So what’s next for the avocado latte? Whatever may come of the trend, one thing is for certain- it was a clever marketing campaign!

Coffee May Reduce Your Risk Of Liver Cancer

June 10th, 2017

If you enjoy drinking coffee, then you will be happy to know that it can protect your liver. There was a study done that showed that people who drink coffee are less likely to get liver cancer. Researchers have found that coffee can reduce the risk of hepatocellular cancer, which is the most common form of liver cancer. Decaffeinated coffee can also reduce the risk of liver cancer.

People who drink two cups of coffee per day can reduce their risk of liver cancer by 35 percent. People who drink more than five cups of coffee can reduce their risk of liver cancer by 50 percent. Even though the results of the study seem promising, experts have issued a warning. They have stated that people who do not currently drink coffee should drink de-caffeinated coffee. Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to health problems such as insomnia.

Dr. Oliver Kennedy is the lead author of the study. He stated that coffee has been praised for its long time for its health benefits. This study further proves the health benefits of coffee. However, he stated that people should not start off drinking five cups of coffee per day. People need to carefully weigh the benefits and risks of caffeine intake. There are also certain groups, such as pregnant women, that should avoid drinking a large amount of coffee.

Woman Awarded $100,000 After Being Burned By Starbucks

June 9th, 2017

A woman in Florida was awarded after she was burned by Starbucks coffee. She stated that she was left with physical scars after being burned by the coffee. The woman, whose name is Joanne Mogavero, is the mother of three children. She stated that spilled coffee while she was attempting to hand it to a passenger. The top popped off, and she was left with second degree burns.

Joanne sued Starbucks because she stated that they did not adequately fasten the coffee. Her attorneys argued that Starbucks should warn people that the lids may pop off. A representative for Starbucks stated that the company receives over 80 complaints per month about the lids.

The jury found Starbucks to be 80 percent at fault for the spill. Starbucks was ordered to pay $15,492 for medical bills. They were also ordered to pay an addition $85,000 for her pain and suffering.

One of Joanne’s attorneys stated that Joanne was not looking for sympathy. She just wanted justice. Starbucks released a statement saying that their employees did not do anything wrong. They are considering filing an appeal.

This is just a few of the many coffee-related lawsuits. Another woman was awarded $522,000 after she tripped and spilled her coffee from Dunkins Donuts. She tripped over a spike while walking to her car. She had cuts on her knees and hands.

The Exciting New Look from Lime Crime

June 9th, 2017

Lime Crime recently released one of their more exciting products under the name Unicorn Hair Dye that is made with the purest vegan ingredients. This gentle semi-permanent hair color comes in 13 shades with the company planning to expand the color range. This is revolutionary hair coloring in shades that before could only be imagined like purple, lime, orange, magenta and more. The best part other than the great colors is the fact that it is formulated not to damage hair because there is no ammonia, bleach or peroxide. This new product can be used even on lightly bleached hair and the company recommends using colors like their Chocolate Cherry, Blue Smoke, Gargoyle and others that will pleasantly change hair to the new look. The other great thing about the new formula is being semi-permanent it will fade over time even though it starts out vibrant. The fact that it fades means there is no worrying about roots showing or the vicious cycle of trying to keep root grow out at bay.


In order to have an idea what hair color will look like because of the natural hair color, Lime Crime has put hair swatches on their product page. The other exciting thing about the new line of hair dye is the ability to mix them and come up with new colors. Lime Crime has some alternate colors named, like using Neon Peach and Bunny the color will become Petal Pink. The other choice besides amazing color choices is the choice of two different formulas with one that is full coverage and the other tint. The full coverage product will add deep pigments to the hair strands making it a rich color in whatever shade is chosen. The tint appears as a glaze on hair, especially if the natural hair color is a light or platinum blond.


This is 13 great shades of semi-permanent rainbow colors that will fade gracefully without damage so a new color can be tried. The one thing the company does recommend is using the colors on medium or lighter shades of hair for the best bright color outcome.