Following George Soros Lead: Investing with U.S. Money Reserve

July 21st, 2016

With over 300 thousand satisfied customers, as stated by U.S. Money Reserve, U.S. Money Reserve has become a well-known and reliable source for U.S. coin distribution. The company specializes as a privately owned distributor in both U.S. and foreign gold, silver, and platinum products that are government-issues, as further explained on LinkedIn. In addition to being one of the largest privately owned companies in this industry, U.S. Money Reserve has been around for over a decade, establishing themselves in 2001.

U.S. Money Reserve strives to provide their clients with the highest of quality products to best boost their portfolios. In addition to their thorough research, U.S. Money Reserve’s profession employees work to earn their clients trust and build relationships. From this, clients have benefited greatly and many are in the position to profit significantly.

Noting this company’s successful career, their President Philip Diehl, former U.S. Mint Director, was brought onto Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio to chat with their host Eric Dye. Diehl was then able to speak about the success strategies used for US Money Reserve to the audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other business enthusiasts. His focus in this interview was to note on U.S. Money Reserve’s relationship based customer service and Diehl’s background in leadership. In addition, Diehl dealt with the topic of the gold market and its future prospects.

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Gold & Silver | Precious Metals

Diehl’s experience includes the 50 State Quarters program and the minting of the first U.S. government-issued platinum coin. He also noted on the transformation that took place during his tenure. “We turned what was a pretty backwards agency and turned it into a real entrepreneurial agency. One of the hallmarks of that was making a six-year commitment to improving customer service. We eventually matched the very best in American business in terms of customer satisfaction.”

Diehl has used this experience from his history as U.S. Mint Director to pave the same morals. These principles, including a strong customer service base, have allowed him to establish success in the company.

Diehl concludes his interview by backing the industry as a wealth protection option. He recommends individuals to invest in gold as the market for gold continues to grow. Further information about the interview and U.S. Money Reserve can be found on PR Newswire.

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Securus Technologies Will Begin Releasing Info on Global-Tel Link Misconduct

July 1st, 2016

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of criminal justice technology solutions will begin releasing the reports that they hope will stir Global-Tel Link into acting with a higher degree of integrity in their future business operations. The report will reveal various allegations of misconduct on the part of Global-Tel Link (GTL), a prison inmate communications giant that had been investigated by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC)in the late 1990’s when GTL serviced the Louisiana correctional system. The breaches that the PSC discovered included reports that GTL deliberately overcharged their customers by adding minutes to the duration of calls, that they charged customers at higher rates than was permitted by local tariffs and the standards set by the PSC, double charging on bills and also that they increased the charges of calls that had already been rated.

According to the PR Newswire, the upcoming report to be released by Securus will be the first of several that are set to be made public over the next six months. Richard A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus stated that he was offended by the actions of GTL and the lack of integrity that they have shown through their misdeeds tarnished the industry of which he is proud to be a part of. “Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money. It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart – in the right way.” Securus America Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and currently serves more than 2,600 public safety, corrections agencies, and law enforcement departments and also more than 1,000,000 inmates housed in prisons across the United States.

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The Real Puppet Master: Glenn Beck’s Attack on George Soros

June 19th, 2016

It had always seemed inevitable that the conservative bastion that is Fox News would step up their game against liberal hedge-funder George Soros. For many decades Mr. Soros has been a key supporter of liberal causes and campaigns, putting his money where his mouth is in support of Democratic candidates, charities, and anti-totalitarian causes. This has put the billionaire firmly in the crosshairs of the Fox Empire, which is why it is so surprising they waiting so long to launch a full-scale attack. After years of snide references and minor insults, Fox finally enlisted its top-rated henchman, Mr. Glenn Beck, to take a swing at Soros. True to form, Mr. Beck truly came out swinging.

The Take Down

In a full broadcast aired in November of 2010, Glenn Beck set out to paint George Soros Nazi, an individual who spent his Hungarian youth hiding from the Nazis in plain sight through fake family documents, as not only an anti-Semite but even a full-blown holocaust supporter. The entirety of these malicious and thoroughly misguided allegations are taken from an article published The New Yorker in 1995 by Connie Bruck entitled “The World According to Soros”. Although many of the quotes that were used in the show to paint Soros as an anti-Semite and evil puppet master are indeed taken from the article, like all things Fox News they are taken wildly out of context.

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Beck’s Dangerous Campaign

Misinterpreting the Facts

Not only did Beck skip nearly all of Soros’ history of Nazi persecution, his major contribution to the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, and his continuing donations and support for humanitarian causes worldwide, but it also painted him as a shadowy manipulator with close ties to the President who is out to gain power and wealth off the back of the American public. Many were quick to point out that this puppet master image painted of Soros was a classic negative Jewish stereotype. Then there was Beck’s accusation of Soros being a “Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps.” This statement is not only slander with no evidence whatsoever to back it up, it is an outright accusation of an unspeakably horrible act. In short, it is libel, and Fox News should count itself lucky that Mr. Soros never stooped to acknowledging their attack by suing them.

The Partial Quote

In The New Yorker article from 1995, Soros stated that the German occupation of his boyhood was the “happiest year of my life.” Beck took this quote and ran with it, accusing the 14-year-old of not only being cold to the fact that his people were suffering but even of being complicit in their deaths. All that one has to do is pull up the original article to see that this statement was taken incredibly out of context. Soros was simply making the point that he was 14 and felt invincible. He truly believed that nobody could touch him and that his father would protect the family. As a brash young man, this filled him with a sense of pride and confidence. At no point does Soros state that he enjoyed, or was complicit, in the sufferings of his people.

The Real Puppet Master

So who is the real puppet master in this situation? Many would point out that a true puppet master is a man who can take one misquote and stretch it into three hours of slander that his audience takes as fact.

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The KCRW Radio Station Talks About the Drought

June 17th, 2016

Andy Wirth is a successful businessman who has over 25 years of experience in the mountain and hotel industry. Andy Wirth has had a passion for combining nature with business that allows for the public to truly see the beauty of nature. Andy Wirth has always loved being surround by nature and has even become a proficient backwoods ranger. Mr.

Wirth’s 25 years of experience in addition to his passion for nature is what eventually earned him the position as CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Andy Wirth has held this prestigious position for over five years and has since then improved and renovated this ski resort that is located in the Olympic Valley. As this resort is located in one of the most beautiful and skiable regions in the United States, his only improvement was to enhance the enjoyment of each visitor of the resort.

As a businessman in the Tahoe Valley, Andy Wirth has recently sat down with the KCRW radio talk show to discuss a relevant topic that has been on the minds of every Californian over the past several years. this topic concerns the drought that has brought the annual rainfall down to be over 25 percent below average. Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe and Andrew Wirth: Executive Profile & Biography

The drought has vastly affected the water consumption of individuals and businesses and has hurt many of the businesses that are strictly dependent on the flow of water. As the owner of a ski resort, the host of the KCRW talk show wanted to understand that predicament that he and his fellow resort owners are in due to the lack of rainfall.

In response to these inquiries, Andy Wirth responded that he has not seen the lack of rainfall as a curse, but instead as a blessing. Andy Wirth is seeing this as an opportunity to create a more versatile business model that will attract more visitors.

Rather than just promoting the high quality skiing slopes at the Squaw Valley Resort, Andy Wirth has decided that he will create other fun activities and events that will showcase the beauty of the valley. Andy Wirth has even decided to extend some of the resort’s summer festivals into the winter. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

When asked as to how long Mr. Wirth believes that his business will profit, Mr. Wirth calmly responded by stating that his resort would be able to withstand an infinite amount of winters.

Mr. Wirth continues to elaborate that the ski resort already has an extensive amount of land the reaches the total amount of 6,000 acres. Even with below average snowfall, the land will still be available for skiing. In conclusion, Mr. Wirth states that it will not be the West Coast drought that will put his resort out of business.

You Should Invest In Cleansing Conditioner

June 17th, 2016

If you ever feel that your hair is not getting the full care that it deserves, a cleansing conditioner may be exactly what you need to restore your hair to full health. The simplicity of a routine that includes the cleansing conditioner will simplify your life since it will take the place of your traditional shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. With enough research you will be able to find a cleansing conditioner that works for your hair. It may be one of the best beauty choices you make this year.
One of the top, cutting edge cleansing conditioner lines available on Sephora is Wen by Chaz. This line is developed by Chaz Dean, and his army of salon gurus in Beverly Hills for Deans celebrity clientele. They wanted a product that they’d be able to use on their own, and take on the war road with them when I travel to provide the same salon results on their own. This product blasts buildup away while soaking hair in rich moisture so, it leaves your locks feeling luscious, and ultimately much more manageable. After only three weeks of application, users of various stereotypes have reported feeling like they have a whole new head of hair.

WEN by Chaz is sulfate free and will work for those with fine hair or coarse hair. The sweet almond mint scent will leave your hair lightly aromatic the entire day. The natural protective ingredients like glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, and panthenol round out the formulation to provide a holistic Element to your hair care routine. Even if you have trouble some hair, like it becomes oily quickly, with daily styling, Wen by Chaz delivers the results you’re looking for. Wen is also available on

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The Midas Legacy Presence In The Investment And Financial World

June 12th, 2016

The Midas Legacy is a success shortcut advisory firm in the US which has its headquarters in Winter Garden, Florida. It offers wealth management advisory to quite a number of people looking to be more successful. All these are done through the provision of research services that form the base for sound and candid advice offered. Offering individual investors with research services is one of the works done by The Midas Legacy. Here the investors are guided through possible secrets that will help them unlock the potential to grow the businesses or investments by providing them with resources and tools for their success.

The Midas Legacy has managed to make the financial world a playground through the guidance it gives to its clients concerning stocks in the Wall Street that are capable of yielding instant payments. The Midas has managed to help quite a number of people double their annual incomes. All these are through what is contained in the Wall Street Informer which is a publication that gives an in-depth analysis of the financial world and opportunities for investments.

Real estate is also another field that The Midas Legacy has invested heavily on. Here the firm provides concise secrets that make real estate simplified. Quite a number of people have passed through it and have been able to build big empires through tools and resources that The Midas Legacy has at its disposal with a slogan that real estate is a way to make money work for you. Those who pass through The Midas Legacy have an advantage over other real estate developers and owners because of the information that is provided to them and guidance it that field.

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The Midas Legacy has also helped many people unlock happiness in their lives through taking them in steps that would make them be better versions of themselves and ultimately make the desired change in their lives. The firm has also been helping quite a number of its client’s plan for their retirement so that by the time of moving out they would be guaranteed of bright lives after retirement.

The Midas Legacy is involved in quite a number of charitable and philanthropic activities as a way of giving back to the society which has helped it grow. Wounded Warrior Project is one such program that it supports that offers a variety of programs and services to wounded military veterans arising from the aftermath of September 11, 2001. Give Hope Foundation is another project that it supports through the provision of financial, emotional and medical services to families of children with can cancer in Florida.

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Dick Devos Supports Education

June 7th, 2016

Dick DeVos is a huge education supporter. He has funded many schools across the country for a variety of reasons. One of the most recent donations he has made is in the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a school that helps people get ready to fly airplanes. Dick DeVos is passionate about helping schools that help students who are in need. Over time, he has proven that he loves giving back to local communities.

West Michigan Aviation Academy

There are many schools in the country that offer flight training to students. However, few are as successful as West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school has a track record of success in training people to take the next step in their aviation journey. Flight training is an important part of the economy and the military. This flight schools sends many students into both areas. This is why Dick DeVos is so passionate about helping schools around the country. He knows the long term impact that just one school can make on its students. During his life, he has had a lot of success in business. He now uses his money and influence to positively impact the lives of others.

Future Plans

No one knows what Dick DeVos is planning for the future. A lot of his contributions come after careful consideration. A lot of schools across the country need more financial aid, and he is able to financially support a lot of schools with his wealth. He is a great example of the impact that just one person can make in this industry. So many schools need additional help to support their students fully. Dick DeVos has proven many times that it does not take a lot to help other people. He is a great person who has a big heart for others.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner in Fig

June 3rd, 2016

On an original article posted on, that can be found here: Your text to link… , the WEN cleansing conditioner product in Fig was tested.
WEN by Chaz Dean is a cleansing conditioner product that contains a shampoo, conditioner and styling agent all in one product. Instead of using this product after shampooing and before a styling product, it contains everything the hair needs to be washed, detangled, moisturized, cleansed and prepped for styling all in one product.

The Wen cleansing conditioner contains a wide selection of botanical extracts and healthy ingredients for the hair that promises to moisturize, cleanse, impart shine, and vibrance. The other unique property of this cleansing conditioner is that it does not contain sulfates or lathering components found in other shampoos that tend to strip the hair of it’s natural oils. When the hair has more of it’s natural oils it tends to be less dried out and more moisturized so hair is less frizzy and bouncier.

In a Guty-Renker article the writer explains how she had to switch up her hair washing routine because of the effects of the Wen cleansing conditioner. Because a normal stripping shampoo would leave the hair devoid of it’s natural oils that dried out her hair she was used to washing her hair less. The WEN cleansing conditioner was keeping her natural hair oils intact, so waking up with greasy roots prompted her to start washing her hair in the morning. The Wen imparted a lot of shine to the hair and vibrancy making it look beautiful in curls and after a nice blow dry. The washing process was also surprising as less hair was found in the shower during the washing process. The naturally moisturizing ingredients seemed to keep the hair in a much healthier state from start to finish.

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Stephen Murray – More than an Investor

June 1st, 2016

Stephen Murray, the former CEO and partner of CCMP Capital Advisers resigned from his position approximately one month before he passed away at the age of 52. Murray left his mark on CCMP Capital Advisers in more than one way.

CCMP is a branch off of JPMorgan Chase and Co. This split was created to avoid the potential conflict that was faced by working with certain clients, especially clients who were competitors – Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: The main focus of CCMP is middle market buyout companies, which are extremely profitable when it comes to long-term investment.

Stephen Murray – The Family Man
Most people recognize Stephen Murray as the face of CCMP. However, there was much more to him than just investing. He was happily married to Tami Murray and had four wonderful sons.

Murray believed in giving back to the community and was known for his frequent, large contributions to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Boston College, Food Banks, Museums, and Columbia Business School. He also invested his time in creating a better world. He was the vice chairman for Boston College board of trustees, as well as the chairman’s council for the Metro New York branch of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Stephen Murray – The Business Man
Stephen Murray was a private equity investor who focused on advising companies that are considered buyout and growth companies. In 1984, he graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics. Soon after, in 1989, he graduated from Columbia Business School with a master’s degree focused in business administration. You can read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52 and CCMP :: Team

Stephen Murray was known as a very calculated, and secure investor. With CCMP, he focused on investment transactions that were from $100 million up to $500 million dollars. Even though he focused on investments that were considered extremely high ticket items, he only invested if he was positive he would see a return. He focused on companies that were in a specific subset, including:

– Industrial companies
– Healthcare companies
– Energy source sectors
– And well established companies

Stephen Murray’s Career
After obtaining his degree in economics in 1984, he became employed by Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., an institutional investment company. By the time he had graduated with his master’s degree in business, he had already made his way to the position of middle-market lending vice president. In 2000, the company merged with JPMorgan. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

By 2005, Murray had become the head director of the buyout business, which eventually spun off to become CCMP. Murray is credited with being the mastermind behind CCMP, as well as the founder. He contributed a lot of information and a lot of time into the company to create a positive investment company.

The last year that Murray lead CCMP, the company was noted to raise more than $3.6 billion.

WEN Hair Care Offers Shine Bounce and Manageability to Blogger’s Limp Locks

May 24th, 2016

Beauty blogger Emily McClure has flat, greasy hair which is challenging to deal with, and she’s tired of bad hair days. So, she decided to try a 7-day hair challenge to see if this much talked about no-shampoo method would work for her. She kept a hair diary along with selfies to chart her progress.
The contributor had seen the famous TV infomercials where beautiful celebrities develop beautiful hair by giving up lather shampoo. Chaz Dean is the popular California stylist who invented the gentle, natural botanical formula that uses cleansing conditioner to restore strength, bounce and shine to hair.

Emily McClure chose the Sephora FIG formula and decided to follow a proper routine of daily AM washes with Wen. As she hit the shower, the beauty blogger noticed nice, thick hair. As she blow-dried and styled, her locks looked glossy, healthy and soft, and Emily was pleased. Her friends also noticed the extra bounce in her hair and complimented her one evening.

Emily admits that she prefers a nighttime shower routine, so one evening she did just that and used the WEN by Chaz Dean ( When she got up the next morning, Emily was surprised her hair already appeared limp and not able to hold a style.

As soon as Emily returned to her daily AM WEN washes, her hair responded beautifully. Emily got lazy one morning, because she was pressed for time, so she skipped the WEN wash altogether. She knew it was a mistake, because her strands got limp and greasy. She scrambled by spraying dry shampoo into her hair and trying to style it, but her hair let her down.

Emily has concluded that WEN delivers shine, manageability and bounce as long as you shower and style your hair every morning and not skip between WEN washes.