Nestle Chocolate Is Going Natural In 2015

The famous chocolate and candy company is looking to reform its ways by the end of 2015 and it will do so by stopping the use of artificial ingredients in their products.

According to an article found on and written by, over 250 products from the Nestle company will no longer be using those potentially harmful substances such as Red 40, artificial vanilla flavoring, and Yellow 5 in their candy. The company has said that they have a new found commitment to becoming healthier and wiser choices for their customers, which in turn will hopefully make the world a better place. Instead of the artificial vanilla flavoring they will be using the real stuff, and instead of dyes and other flavorings they will be using natural ingredients such as ancho seeds and other items found at healthy and natural sources.

The Nestle company president announced that the reason they are going this route is because customers have expressed a strong interest in healthier living, and they want to give the people what they want, a sentiment that Ray Lane can definitely support. While many companies out there are starting to move towards the natural foods trend, Nestle is the first candy company to follow suit and make that commitment to their fans and customers. After all, people know that eating clean and healthy often results in better tasting food and overall health, so this is a very wise move made by Nestle.

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