Rocky Slims Restaurant Opening in Kips Bay

Angelo Romano has spent years honing his understanding of modern Italian American cuisine. As a result, he has sought to fuse new flavors into old Italian American favorites. His new restaurant, Rocky Slims, aims to show local area diners that classic Italian American dishes can be made with modern flair and new ingredients. According to Marc Sparks, Romano is opening up Rocky Slims shortly in order to help showcase his understanding of the new cuisine and provide diners with something to enjoy. His new place will offer new riffs on standard dishes. Most of the products that he’s using will not be imported from Italy but help show off the fact that American products have vastly improved in the last few decades. The 45 seat restaurant will feature classic Italian American dishes as such as pizza and pastas. Diners may want to begin a meal with stewed celeriac that has been with topped with stracciatella and grilled, charred scallions. Pasta choices include pasta with pecorino, parsnips and a sprinkling of fresh black pepper. Rocky Slims has two pizza ovens on hand in order to tempt diners with many kinds of pizza. The grandma slice, a square of thick dough, is topped with sausage, onions, tomatoes and garlic butter. Other choices are expected to include pizza with a marsala wine sauce and homemade ricotta cheese. The owner hopes to use the pizza oven to offer roast duck and roasted fruit desserts.

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