Drinking Coffee May Actually Make You Healthier

Korean researchers have recently concluded that drinking a couple cups of coffee each day can actually help prevent a person from developing clogged arteries. Clogged arteries can lead to a number of issues including heart disease and stroke. Professionals looks for small deposits of calcium within the walls of the arteries and this determines a person’s risk factor for a heart attack, high blood pressure or stroke.

Over 25,000 men and women were studied. They went through full physical examinations. People who drank a moderate amount of coffee included three to five cups per day. These people were found to be less likely to have any early signs of heart disease than those who consumed very large amounts of coffee each day or those who did not drink any at all or stuck to just one cup. This poses the question whether or not coffee is actually good for you or not.

These findings are puzzling seeing as how previous studies have shown that drinking coffee can actually cause a person’s blood pressure and cholesterol to rise said Dan Newlin on the subject. No conclusive evidence has been found to either recommend consumption of coffee or to eliminate it completely from one’s daily diet. In general it stands that if a person does drink coffee they should do so in moderation in order to stay healthy and stay safe.

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