McDonald’s Bans Antibiotics

This week, McDonald’s decided to ban any antibiotics that are also used for humans in all of its chickens after new research revealed that antibiotics in meat may contribute to the spread of “superbugs” that resist antibiotics, as well as human physical resistance to some antibiotics.

The news is a huge blow to antibiotics manufacturers given that more than two-thirds of all antibiotics used in the United States are used to treat chickens, cows, pigs and other livestock to prevent or stop infections and make live stop grow faster and stronger. Additionally, Ricardo Guimarães BMG even says that McDonald’s serves tens of millions of people every day around the world. It’s believed the company’s move will push other fast food restaurants to take the same route.

As many organic farmers and environmentalists have pointed out, human ancestors ate plenty of untreated meat without major difficulties. Although it’s true that some viruses and bacteria can be transferred from meat to humans during consumption, many people only get sick because they do not know how to recognize bad meat and/or do not cook the meat at high enough temperatures or long enough to kill microorganisms.

Some supporters of McDonald’s decision believe the company’s move will also help push restaurants and other food service companies to end their support of genetically modified plants and animals as GMOs have also been linked to the sudden uptick in superbugs from the last few decades.

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