Unwanted Risks

With the fast-paced lives everyone is living, it is not hard to understand why there is concern about the proper preparation of food. More times than not, US food safety laws are not followed, which can lead to serious food-borne illnesses. When food is not prepared properly or kept at the correct temperature, bacteria can grow making the people who consume it vulnerable to food poisoning. Additionally, food that we find in the supermarket may also be at risk said Brad Reifler. If this food is not stored at the proper temperature and in sanitary conditions, the public is exposed to food-borne illness yet again, which is totally unacceptable. As a consumer, we put our faith in those who are transporting and are supposed to be putting our welfare in the forefront.

Hopefully the mode in which our food is stored and prepared will improve so everyone is healthier and not begin exposed to potential health hazards.

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