Fuku Looking To Break Through The Industry Of Fried Chicken

During David Chang’s keynote address at the festival of SXSW this weekend, he delivered some major news. The former space of Momofuku Ko at 163 First Avenue will transform into a fried-chicken restaurant concept called Fuku. Although details are scarce, some information has been relayed to the public momentarily.

According to Bruce Karatz Chang intends to scale his fried-chicken restaurant concept. The restaurant space is relatively small, therefore, it will serve as a test for a concept that is bigger than it will be today. Change has mentioned that he would like to bring great food to suburban communities.

An App For Fuku Will Be Available

During the address of his new announcement, Chang cited Taco Bell’s current app. It allows customers to order their food from their device and pick it up once it’s ready. He has stated that he would like to instill such a technology into his business model within a two year time frame.

Not only will Fuku offer a healthy option, it will also emerge itself to being a restaurant that can be compared to In-N-Out or Chick-fil-A. He has said that he dreams about there being a spicy chicken option in “Animal-style”. Although Fuku’s landing page is in construction mode at the moment, there is a “Work With Us” option for those that may be looking for a job.

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