Monsanto Wants Retraction to Herbicide Report

Monsanto is not happy that an ingredient in the popular herbicide product has been publicly outed as a cancer-causer. Monsanto is demanding a retraction from the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) regarding the statement they made in a public report linking an ingredient used in Roundup to cancer.

Roundup is one of Monsanto’s most widely sold herbicide products for use in home landscapes. The American Eagle CEO reported to the Roundup product line is used to kill a variety of unwanted weeds and grasses and is used by professional landscapers as well as the average home owner.

The ingredient in question, glyphosate, is supposedly safe when the Roundup product is used as directed. IARC begs to differ and Monsanto does not like their differing opinion. A public report from the trusted IARC research agency stating that Roundup could cause cancer will be detrimental to Monsanto’s sales. Especially as we enter spring, which is the company’s biggest sale season for the product.

The EPA has said they will look at the recent report by IARC. Since the EPA holds the power to limit or completely ban the use of glyphosate, this is something the agricultural community will be watching closely.

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