These Coffee Cups Have A Secret Talent

Recycling is often forgotten by people for a variety of reasons, mostly because people are just plain lazy and not willing to take a few extra steps to do so. EliteProspects said that the source of the most wasted recyclable items comes from fast food restaurants and gas stations.

These cups, bottles, and paper are carelessly thrown away then shipped to the local landfill to sit for eternity. A new company based out of California has come out with a ground breaking new concept, coffee cups that are made not only biodegradable but also contain flower seeds. The business then takes those cups and plants them in local parks. Wow, just wow. What an awesome idea! Not only does Reduce. Reuse. Grow. provide some grade A coffee but they also care about their impact on the environment, both short and long term.

Kudos to them, may they experience success in their new venture. Honestly, it is an idea so good that other companies are sure to copy it that is how you know for sure that it is a winner.

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