No GMOs for Chipotle

Effective immediately, all the food served at Chipotle restaurants will be free of genetically modified ingredients.

The restaurant chain had been voluntarily labeling items that contained GMOs, but it took years to carry out the goal of serving a completely GMO-free menu. Suppliers had to grow the proper crops, and  it was necessary to swap out certain ingredients. For instance, sunflower, rice-bran and canola oils replaced soybean oil for frying.

One of the biggest changes was to GMO-free corn.Corn is used in multiple items on the menu and the suppliers needed several years to develop the crop and grow enough to satisfy the needs of the chain.

Chipotle’s meats are the greatest challenge. Although their beef comes from pasture-raised cattle, their pork and chicken, for now, will come from animals that eat a genetically modified diet.

Prices will spike this year due to the increased cost of non-GMO ingredients, but Chipotle is  betting that regulars like Jaime Garcia Dias will keep coming in, and will not only keep the restaurant profitable, but  boost the bottom line.

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