Bulletproof Coffee is Unlike Any Other Drink on the Market

You have probably never thought of adding butter to your morning coffee brew, but biohacker Dave Asprey has created a massive health movement, doing just that. Asprey calls his yummy concoction Bulletproof coffee, a drink inspired by a trip he took to Nepal and Tibet in 2004. While learning how to mediate deep within the Himalayas, Asprey experienced altitude sickness. Upon hearing about his discomfort, locals suggested he drink what’s called yak-butter tea, an ancient receipe that was incredibly effective at treating his altitude sickness.

When Asprey returned home, he found himself craving the beneficial tea he enjoyed during his trip. However, he had trouble coming up with a satisfactory recipe to replace the exotic blend, until he developed Bulletproof Coffee. The blend of low-mold coffee beans, butter composed of milk from grass-fed cows, and MCT oil has caused interest in this unique beverage to quickly grow. In fact, the buttery coffee drink is so popular that the first Bulletproof cafe is getting ready to open its doors in Santa Monica, California.

Bulletproof coffee is designed to substitute a meal, typically breakfast. Therefore, the cafe will not serve breakfast foods but will feature a lunch menu packed with healthy and delicious choices, alongside the powerful energy drink. Baristas, called “coffee hackers” at the Bulletproof cafe, use a digital brewing system, reminiscent of the French Press method, that measures pressure, time, and temperature of each drink with precision.

Many celebrities have promoted the health benefits of Bulletproof coffee, helping to build the brand’s name. Comedian Maya Rudolph talked about the drink’s virtues on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, actress Shailene Woodley referred to it as “one of the greatest human achievements.” The drink is well-known for boosting energy levels and enhancing cognitive function.

Science and technology is a growing trend in the health industry, drinks such as Bulletproof Coffee is evidence of these merging fields. Asprey’s innovative and holistic approach to improving one’s health is why he has become a leader for the biohacker movement, a group with more than 100,000 members worldwide. However, Asprey wishes to continue expanding his empire and wants to open Bulletproof coffee cafe’s nationwide in the near future.

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