Chua Makes Organo Gold Work For Many

Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold is not your average company. While you may be used to walking into a store and purchasing a product off the shelves, you should consider what it means to buy something in a different way. Chua’s Organo Gold sells its products directly to customers in a lot of cases through its network of distributors. This has been such a successful operation with such a great distribution network that Organo Gold has been able to make millions of dollars in revenue over the years.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by the visionary Bernardo Chua who saw an opportunity to help people get the products that they wanted. Through its distributors, his company reaches out to people to offer them great things such as soaps, toothpaste, coffee, teas, and other health and nutritional products that they love. Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold (found on twitter @ogbernie) has seen its business grow in spades as more countries are added to its list of customers.

Instead of consolidating all of the wealth at the very top, Chua’s Organo Gold takes an entirely different approach. According to a ZoomInfo article, they offer an average person the chance to get involved in the action. They do this by opening their doors to those who would like to make some money in the process as well. They do this by extending the offer of selling their products.

Those who sign up are actually able to earn money through the affiliates program in seven different ways. What this means is that there are opportunities for people almost no matter who they are or how skills they are at selling the product. Even those who just want to recruit other members in the program can make some money. After all, good recruiters are also part of what Organo Gold needs in order to keep operating at the speed and capacity that it has been to this point. The youtube video below of Bernardo Chua explains how the direct selling of the product works.

There are many people who are discovering the joy of being part of Organo Gold on a daily basis. These folks are being offered the chance to better their personal financial life by taking part in one of the greatest companies to ever distribute products, thanks to Bernardo Chua.

It is a wonderful thing that people are being offered this lifeline to some income, and it is all because of Mr. Chua. Without Chua’s tireless efforts, the company would not even exist, and many would not have the solid side income that they have been able to generate because of him.

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