French Environmental Minister Calls For France To Quit Purchasing Nutella

Nutella is a delicious concoction of chocolate and hazelnuts that is popular world-wide. Unfortunately they are getting some serious negative publicity as the French ecology minister, Ségolène Royal, has called for people to stop purchasing Nutella until they change their recipe. Nutella uses unsustainable palm oil in massive quantities. They, among many other companies, are killing the environment through deforestation and the resulting global warming. Palm oil is inexpensive and can be found in sunscreen, foods, drinks, cleaning supplies, and many more products. It is seemingly harmless to use a natural oil but when new trees are not planted as old ones are harvested it leads to potentially hazardous environmental outcomes stated Nutella has responded to past criticism by stating that they know where there oil comes from, that was in 2005 but no further action has been taken to retrieve the necessary oil sustainably. Perhaps a drop in sales or bucket loads of bad press will drive the company to finally make some positive changes.

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