Starbucks Meets Cookies

Starbucks sure seems to do it all, don’t they? After all, they sell every imaginable type and flavor of coffee. They’ve turned things into coffee that you wouldn’t even think to do like Cotton Candy and Cinnamon Rolls! Not only that, but they also have quite the collection of bakery treats. Starbucks also offers a food menu of breakfast options and sandwiches!

It extends beyond that though. Aside from the edibles, Starbucks even sometimes sells little Christmas type gifts! According to the Daily Beast they sell CD’s and mugs when I’ve walked in. So just when you think they’ve thought of everything, they apparently they haven’t. Now, they’re coming out with bagged up treats! According to GrubStreet Starbucks will be selling french cookies. They may just be that perfect compliment to your caffeinated beverage that you are looking for.

Right now, you’ll have to travel to Manhattan to find these cookie delights. They will be sold at a few different stores in that area. But, they aren’t elsewhere yet. There’s no saying if other Starbucks around the country will pick up on these tasty little treats.

These cookies are internationally beloved so Starbucks is hoping that when it comes to here in the country, they’ll receive the same success. They just might. People like to try new things. America is also a melting pot, so perhaps these cookies will be that needed dose of nostalgia for someone who is familiar with them.

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