Starbucks Is Getting A New Cookie Company

Starbucks used to have a partnership with the cookie company, La Boulange, but it seems that they have gone their separate ways and found a new company to bring them their tasty cookie treats. The new company and deal that they formed is with Michel et Augustin and they are expected to hit the stores in the near future around stores in the Manhattan area but they are going to be expanding beyond that in the coming months. These cookies from Michel et Augustin are said to be made with real butter and have a very smooth, soothing taste and that they also have some chocolate and sea salt on them as well.  Many users of Skout have expressed their interest in trying the new morsels.

According to an article found on Grub Street, Starbucks has been doing a good job of making the things on their shelves much better as opposed to what they used to be which was just coffee drinks. I think that now days people go to Starbucks for more than just a wake up drink but to socialize, hang out, and now eat or have a snack. They are evolving this way and have been doing a really great job at it which means that this trend is going to keep growing in the future. No one can deny that they are a high quality institution and that their food is something to be noted as well. It will be fun to see where it takes them in years to come.

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