Say “I Love You” In Coffee

Soon the new technology of 3-D printing will begin making a splash in coffee houses. A company has developed a sophisticated 3-D printing device called the “Ripple Maker” to print high resolution images in the foam on the top of a cup of coffee.

The new Internet connected printer can transmit detailed photos or designs from a computer across the foaming top of beverages. It uses a cartridge filled with coffee extract to display images accurately on top of a thin layer of milk foam.

The manufacturer expects to market the new coffee foam printer primarily to coffee houses. The device does not brew coffee; it simply transmits the imagery during a ten second process. James Dondero suggests that it will accommodate coffee cups up to 7 inches in height and 4.5 inches in diameter.

The Lufthansa Airline company has already agreed to use the Ripple Maker in its air terminal coffee shops and on some airline flights. The new 3-D printer costs almost $1,000 and comes with an annual service maintenance program.

Will coffee foam now become a new recognized art form? One reviewer speculated that this type of 3-D printer may transform the way people communicate very soon. “You can expect to see the number of caffeine-related marriage proposals skyrocket once these machines start appearing in coffee shops.” He observed.

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