Beach Care Tips for Your Dog

Taking your dog along for a family outing at the beach was a win-win for everyone, it’s fun time of bonding and exercise for everyone. Taking a dog to the beach requires some forethought and preparation to ensure the dog’s safety and a few safety precautions should be followed. Treat your dog much like you would treat a child playing in the sun, sand and surf and use these beach care tips for a safe and fun day at the beach with your dog.

Hot Dog
The heat of the sun effects dogs just like it does people and they can develop a painful sunburn if exposed to sun’s rays without sunscreen protection. Dogs can also become dehydrated, overheated and suffer a heat stroke. Make sure there is a shady location nearby so your dog can get out of the sun’s heat and cool down. When your dog is having fun of a game of fetch, he will not willingly retreat to the shade and must be placed in the shade to cool down.

Watchful Eye
Running on the sand and swimming in the surf requires more doggie energy than taking a walk around the block, so keep a watchful eye on your dog so he does not over-exert himself while frolicking on the beach. As previously stated, your dog will not willingly retreat to shade while having fun, so lead your dog to the shade frequently for rest periods. Keep an eye out for excess panting, lack of panting, lethargy and vomiting, which are all signs of an overheated, exhausted dog.

Water and Beneful
Place water and a bowl of Beneful dog food in the shade so your dog can take a break to rehydrate and eat a nutritious snack while playing on the beach. Ice can be placed in your dog’s water bowl to help keep the water chilled on a hot day.
Purina Beneful comes in a variety of flavors and textures that will appeal to any dog. Canned, or dry food is easy to bring along for a day at the beach, so are the many types of Beneful dog treats that can be used no only as nutritious snacks, but also for interactive play.The nutrition contained in Beneful dog food products on will also keep your dog’s energy level going strong all day.

Apply Sunscreen
Apply a light layer of sunscreen to your dog’s ears and nose to help prevent sun burn, This is especially needed if your dog has light colored coat and pink skin. Talk to your veterinarian about which type of sunscreen in the safest for your pet. My dogs accept the application of lotion sunscreen much easier than trying to apply an aerosol product to their head area. and him some grief later.

Safety First
Anytime a water loving dog is taken onto a water craft, your dog should have on a life jacket just like you. And prior to a dog romping in the surf along the beach, ask the lifeguard about the ocean’s condition of the day. The current may be to strong for dog play or jellyfish may be to close to shore for safe dog play.

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