Purina Petcare: Well Known and Well Liked

When the word Purina News is mentioned on newscenter.purina , most people think of pet food, and that’s how it should be. In fact, the word Purina can bring back early memories of our dog when he or she was just a pup – when they were just taking their first nibbles of Purina Puppy Chow. It was a staple in homes that had a new puppy. At an early age of eight weeks or so, we would moisten the puppy chow, just making it soft enough for a young pup to easily digest. The healthy active pup would then lick the bowl clean, lick his lips and search for me. For sure, the pup enjoyed every tasty bite of Purina.

Dog food is trendy; new ones come out all the time. The television commercials will try to convince you that unless you feed this to your dog, he won’t thrive and be healthy. But there’s one thing these new companies don’t understand: Purina Petcare has been around since 2001 and is the largest pet food company in the United States, while holding second place globally. Not bad for a company that has stood the test of time and that most people instantly recognize. So while the new companies come along, Purina Petcare takes a back seat to no one and continues to be the industry leader when it comes to pet food.

Most pet owners want to know they are feeding their pet food that is both nutritious and easy on their budget. Purina has managed to do that with its variety of foods to choose from and gives consumers an economical choice when it comes to quality pet food. Purina Petcare also offers a “top of the line” choice for those pet owners who want to provide a higher quality product to their pet, yet want to remain loyal to the Purina brand.

Purina Petcare offers pet owners great products for the health and well-being of their animals, and when considering a pet food choice, who could ask for more than that?

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