Purina For the Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed Pets

What keeps our pets bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Purina and Love! Purina blends the right foods that keep our pets nutritionally fit and we ensure they receive all the love they need.

According to the Purina news coverage on Newscenter and their 400 scientists and nutritionists, our pets are getting the right amount of nutrition, protein, vegetables, fats and antioxidants for their weight and age. This is something we couldn’t prepare on my own. It takes a team of specialists to understand what keeps a puppy, middle-aged dog, and senior pet eating a balanced diet every day maintaining their health and well-being. Also maintaining a healthy digestive system throughout their life and taking the guesswork out of feeding our pets the correct amount of nutrition each day.

Purina has been consistently working for the health of our pets for over 80 years. Today their recipes are mastered, but tomorrow they may find new and improved ways of enhancing already improved upon ingredients to further add to the lives and health of our dogs and cats. Purina never stops improving the food our pets thrive on.

Quality Assurance
What this means to our pets is the assurance of standards and processes already in place. Ensuring the products used in preparing the pet food is of high quality, well-made and properly prepared. Flavor consistency meeting all standards of their pet foods. As stated by Purina, “We don’t meet standards, we surpass them.

Nourshing Our Pets
Purina believes in nourishing the whole pet, from their bright eyes to the tip of their tail. Their nourishing meals are always on the cutting edge of science prepared to improve and maintain a healthy pet for life. Purina’s nutrition formulas are backed by non-invasive studies tested and tried for providing the best possible results from every meal.

Purina Philosophy
The health of pets is the proven drive that makes Purina’s products loved by all dogs and cats. The records prove how the high standards for pet nutrition extend the life of pets.

Food & Drug Administration
The strict guidelines for pet food is another assurance of quality food for our pets. The standards are more strict for pets than they are for humans. Pets depend on us to fill all their nutritional needs in the meals we feed them, whereas humans are able to fill their own nutritional needs balancing their diets through a variety of food and nutrients.

Purina Treats and Snacks
Even the treats we give our pets to snack on are nutritional and good for them; if only we could say the same about our treats and snacks we as humans eat, but Purina treats for our pets are also vitamin–rich veggies that are good for our pets health.

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