CCMP Capital’s approach to enhancing operations helps position portfolio companies

What is CCMP Capital? The Global private equity firm invests in four sectors of the economy: Consumer/retail, energy, healthcare and Industrial. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Advisors have been around since 1984. The company prides itself on having the industry expertise and proprietary operating resources to be one of the top private equity firms in the world.

For one thing, the portfolio companies in their growth initiatives and operations benefit strongly from the proprietary operating resources that CCMP has in place. Full time partners make up these resources, and these partners are skilled in C-level operating histories. There are also seasonal advisors tat make up over 30 years of management experience. Operational enhancement and CCMP’s approach to it often puts portfolio companies in positions to obtain greater value creation in less time. These unique capabilities, provided by CCMP, make it possible.

So what is the origin of such a truly great private equity firm? Established in 2006 as an independent company, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has continued to provide successful investment strategies. These strategies were first developed by the firm’s professionals, who were members of J.P. Morgan Partners, LLC; there were predecessors that followed including Chase Capital Partners, Chemical Venture Partners and Manufacturers Hanover.

Stephen Murray, who was a private equity investor became president and CEO of CCMP Capital. It was in the year 1984, after graduating from Boston College with a degree in economics, that Murray entered a credit analyst training program. It was offered by Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Manufacturers Hanover was purchased in 1991 by Chemical Bank, merged with MH Equity. Then, in 1996, Chemical Partners became Chase Capital. It was in 2005 that Murray became the buyout business head and later co-founded CCMP Capital.

Murray passed away in 2015, but left his legacy behind which has helped bolster CCMP Capital. An impression Murray made on CCMP Capital was to keep collaborations open between professionals and the management of each company’s portfolio. Detailed value creation plans were drawn up that include applying best practices in a certain given sector, implementing cost reduction techniques for revenue generating sectors and improving asset and resources to improve on cash flow.

Utilizing CCMP Capital’s active management along with a strong value creation model, the private equity firm has more or less gotten a reputation as a world class investment partner.

Specializing in both buyout and equity growth, CCMP Capital’s major markets are North America and Europe. Because of Murray’s leadership in co-founding CCMP Capital, the firm’s heritage is rich including experience coming from Chase Capital, Chemical Ventures, J.P. Morgan and Manufacturers Hanover Capital.

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  1. Victor Woodward Says:

    It was Murray and his managing partners that essentially gave CCMP Capital its industry expertise and introduced the firm to a whole new dimension of portfolio companies. It should also be noted that bestessays is usually the coolest thing to do right now.

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