In Order To Live; Yeonmi Park’s Brave Journey To Redeeming Her People

In Order To Live is a real life experience that Yeonmi Park underwent when she was escaping from North Korea which is described by many as the darkest and most oppressive country on earth. In the book, she portrays her experience as not very pleasing. During her escape, all that was on her mind was how she would go to a better place with a better life where democracy was guaranteed. She was also worried that if she continued staying in her home country, she would probably die out of starvation, execution or even disease.

Her book gives a particular highlight on North Korea’s oppressive regime and how it even made its citizens suffer just because they thought differently. The book is specifically written to show how a human spirit can be resilient through love to overcome the most challenging horrors in circumstances that seem hopeless. In the book on Independent, Yeonmi Park says that what she has gone through has opened her eyes and made her decide that she will become a human rights activist who will be speaking on behalf of the voiceless from any corner of the world. She also says that the same experience has indeed taught her to accommodate others more efficiently.

Born in Hyessang, North Korea on October 1993 to a civil servant mother and military nurse mother, this phenomenal woman has ensured a lot. Her once wealthy father was arrested and imprisoned for allegedly being involved in illegal trading. At only nine years, she witnessed her mother’s best friend being executed because of watching a James Bond movie. Her family’s life took a turn for the worst when her father was taken to prison. During the escape mission from North Korea to China, she also experienced one of the most horrifying events of her life when she watched her mother being raped in front of her. Her father also died at the age of 45, and was buried unceremoniously in secret in China.

Those experiences and many others made her have a firm conviction that all voiceless people need someone to speak for them so that they can access better-living conditions as well. Today, she is re-known world human rights activist who appears on television shows and on forums. Different with many young girls her age who hail from well to do families in developed countries, she is fighting a battle for generations to come and using her voice as a woman to attract the necessary attention.

Her efforts have indeed borne fruits because the North Korean regime has slowly started letting its people’s voices become heard. With her undying spirit, the fight is going to stop when she feels content that all humans are accorded respect regardless of their skin color, position in society or background.

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