Omar Boraie Contributes To The Search For A Cure For Cancer


Rutgers University is receiving a lot of positive attention for an interesting funding concept called the 18 Chair Challenge. It all started when an anonymous donor pledged to match a $1.5 million contribution for any one of the 18 programs that are part of the challenge. The endowment program is designed to garner a total of $3 million, or more, for each one of the projects.

In the Fall of 2015, New Brunswick commercial real estate developer Omar Boraie participated in the challenge and donated $1.5 million to one of the 18 projects that focuses on cancer research and precision medicine. As a result, the endowment project was named the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science, and, as promised, the anonymous donor gave a matching contribution.

The Boraie Chair will attempt to create new models for the way doctors and researchers treat cancer patients. As reported in the NewsWise article, the focus of the research project will include genetic treatment for tumors and cancer cells. This project falls in line with precision medicine initiatives that President Barack Obama promoted in his State of the Union Address.

The alliance between Omar Boraie and Rutgers University will continue to push the genome programs that the university has sponsored for many years. Actually, Rutgers University was one of the first institutions in the nation to dedicate research teams and facilities to next-generation sequencing of genes for various tumors and cancers. Precision medicine has been very effective in laboratory studies for using gene sequencing to identify innovative treatment methods for people who have been diagnosed with rare and untreatable cancers.

Boraie is not just a research donor, for he has experience in the field of chemistry, and he has exhibited an interest in cancer research projects for a long time. Upon forming an alliance with Rutgers University, Boraie said “Physician-scientists at Rutgers Cancer Institute are making significant advances with precision medicine for those patients whose cancers are no longer responsive. Imagine being able to apply that science to all cancer patients? I am hopeful this pledge will leverage the support of others so that this important work can satisfy and exceed that goal.”

One of the leading members of Boraie’s Chair is Dr. Shridar Ganesan. Dr. Ganesan holds various positions at Rutgers University, which includes: associate director of translational scientific studies, primary researcher of precision medicine and clinical trials, and associate professor of pharmacology and medicine. As an experienced medical oncologist and an elite academic researcher, Dr. Ganesan is expected to be a valuable resource for helping advance the initiatives of the research program.

The medical community, worldwide, is anticipating great results to spring from the alliance between Boraie and Rutgers University. The ultimate goal of the merger is to contribute to the discovery of a cure for cancer. In addition to the great work that is expected to come from the program, Boraie hopes that other donors and institutions will be inspired by the 18 Chair Challenge to come up with creative ways to raise funds for worthy causes.

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