Urbana Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Help with Sustainability Training

Earth Force Incorporated is a non-profit headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s dedicated to helping youth become civic environmentalists. As such, they’re taught important fundamental skills such as public speaking, rational thought processes, critical thinking, problem solving and how to participate in civic global environmental discussions. The rationale is to take youth who have demonstrated a discernible interest in complex environmental problems and teach them how to convert their interests in preserving natural resources. So that they function in a public capacity, in diverse participatory roles, whereby they’re contributing to local communities by offering feasible solutions. Earth Force trains youth how to engage the public in sustainability efforts.

Upon hearing about the efforts to teach youth how to become important civic leaders, advocating for strengthening local sustainability through leadership and involvement, former professional Lacrosse player and Denver Entrepreneur, Jon Urbana launched a fundraising campaign for the non-profit organization. Urbana currently runs a three-day youth program, Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Next Level teaches advanced lacrosse skills, designed to develop talent. As the name implies, young players are trained to take their talent to next level, the participants receive on-site and video instructions from Urbana, and other professional coaches, former lacrosse players, Tyler German, Sergio Perkovic and Ryan Tucker.

In an announcement on LinkedIn, it was made clear that the Go Fund Me campaign by Jon Urbana will benefit Earth Force, Inc. The overall financial goal of the campaign is $1,750. Urbana has previously raised funds to assist with animal rescue and adoption. This time he hopes to help Earth Force’s with financial incentives to continue training youth for civic environmentalism. Each time a donation is made, Urbana plans to make this known to his Facebook and Twitter followers with a post to recognize these charitable deeds.

Earth Force is focused on preserving natural resource so that everyone can enjoy them in the future. Their main campaigns are dedicated to health, water and sustainability. While some argue that federal laws will help to preserve the earth with state level laws, for the most part environmental concerns have fallen somewhere along the roadside. While national sustainability efforts instated by the Obama administrative have been lost amid democratic red tape. Jon Urbana hopes to raise funds to assist Earth Force, Inc. continue teaching youth how to address civic environmental issues.

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