Susan McGalla’s Confidence And Hard Work Helped Her Out

Susan McGalla has gone through many challenges in her life to get to have the career of her dreams, but everything that she has gone through has just made her stronger. She is a woman who wanted to have a career in business, and she did not let anything stop her from doing that. Her parents taught her when she was just a young girl that she could do anything that she set her mind to, and their faith in her meant a lot. She was able to have a great deal of confidence when going about her career because of them and how they believed in her, and now she is able to look back on all of the success that she had because of her parents and their confidence in her.
There are many things that Susan McGalla has done in her career on ireport.cnn, and she has helped out every company that she worked for. She made sure to work hard every day of her career, and she was able to serve in two high positions for two different clothing companies. She was able to do good work at both of them, and she has become highly respected for all that she has done. When a young girl is wanting a good career she will want to make sure to look up to Susan McGalla of theĀ Pittsburgh Steelers and do the things that this woman has done.

Susan McGalla’s life is a great example to all young people. She pushed forward and made herself into something big despite all of the odds against her, and she is now able to feel great about herself for doing that. She’s the kind of woman who would not settle for anything but the best, and that is something that every young person should remember.
Susan McGalla has worked extra hard because she was a woman in the business world, but she was fine with all of the hard work that she had to put in because it helped her to accomplish a lot. She was able to live out her dreams through all of the hard work that she put in. The confidence that her parents gave her helped her out, as well, and she would not be who she is today without them. Every young person is going to need to remember that hard work and confidence can take them wherever they want to go.

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