Overview of Purina Dog Food

Purina Beneful brand dog food has become a name that is synonymous with virtue, reliability, and trust when it comes to choosing high quality products for furry friends. Based in the heartland of the United States, this St. Louis, MO company makes numerous pet products, all catered to the different life stages and life styles of every pet.

Purina, owned by Nestle since a merger in 2001, produces some of the largest names in the pet food industry including Purina Pro Plan, Purina Dog Chow, Alpo, and Beneful. The company has built it’s sound brand by catering to the new generation of pet owners who realize that the quality and ingredient list is incredibly important to overall pet health and longevity, and are willing to spend a little more for dog products that meet these new higher standards.

Purina Beneful runs their business on the philosophy that pets and people are better together. The company has a research and development center in Northwest Missouri, as well as the main headquarters in St. Louis, that employs over 400 scientists and nutritionists to research and develop pet foods that are above industry standards, yet still easily accessible for pets and people everywhere. Through their extensive research on finance.yahoo.com, they have learned that proper balanced nutrition in dog food can aid in lengthening the life of every dog. After thorough studies, the company has developed dog food formulas that are packed with corn because it provides energy and is loaded with antioxidants. Their food is also full of high quality proteins like fish, chicken, and beef to provide your pet with plenty of energy, support body functions like tissue repair and muscle growth, as well as being high in amino acids.

Purina Beneful brand dog food is so serious about wanting the best for pets everywhere that their go above and beyond just making pet products. This company has funded work and research in some of the United States top rated universities to further the study of pet health and longevity. Some universities that Purina has partnered with for research include Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Texas A&M University, Colorado State University, University of Missouri, and University of California, Davis.

Purina has proven it’s passion for providing high quality and healthy products for pets, but they also love their employees who work so hard to create top of the industry products. The company has been the recipient of six separate awards naming it the best place to work.

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