Partnership BMG and Itaú is born a bank of R $ 1 billion


Despite the fear of several individuals, the airplane is one of the means of transportation safer world. Apart from being a particle mode of locomotion, by saving on the travelling time, it can as well be very comfortable and full of excitement, just find the right airline company. With this in mind the Brazilian proprietor and executive of Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor, brings a record of 15 companies that stood out in 2015. The ranking was given out by UOL.

The number one in the list is the Qatar Airways. The airline has a total of 158 aircraft that operates to 146 destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and South and North America. In Brazil, flights leaving Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires and the capital of Qatar, Doha. Marcio Alaor emphasizes on the first class menu and business class; it was developed by two global chefs, Japanese and an Indian, who thought the kinds of food appropriate for long-haul flights.

In one week, the BMG dropped bets that were to be sold to BTG or Bradesco and closed a new partnership with Banco Itau taking benefit of one of its greatness strength, which is Leadership in offering payroll loans. Marcio Alaor, who is the vice president of BMG, celebrates the corporation that will lead to the establishment of a new bank, Itaú BMG Payroll that will control solely in the discount lending in payroll and enable the BMG to keep on operating as it is currently.

To the organization, the miner bank will have an end month line of R $ 300 million of Itaú to be in operation for three years. In three months, when the new bank begins operating, the other monthly R$ 300 million will be made accessible to the joint venture and in this occasion will be for five years. It is a new section that opens to BMG in this combined venture. The bank currently finances workers of private firms and that there is a large market, narrates Márcio Alaor in an interview with Estado de Minas.

BMG was negotiating with various banks the reason the alternative of merging the Itau. Up to last week negotiations with the Bradesco and BTG involved total control and purchase. However, last Saturday we got a call from Roberto Setubal with another alternative for BMG, which does not alter anything in the current database and provides us a perfect perspective for the coming days. Itau also provides us an interesting alternative for the reason that the partnership it will give funds that are funding for BMG that is replaced by a monthly credit line of R $ 300 million by the constitution of the joint venture,

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