Yeonmi Park: Changing a Negative to a Positive

The article on shows an example of a woman turning negative experiences to positive pursuits. Yeonmi Park is one of the women who have overcome all of their struggles. One of the things that has helped her overcome her struggles is her eagerness to help others who are experiencing similar hardships. While she did need time to heal from all of the horrors that she has endured from North Korea to her time being trafficked. It was when she finally got used to her freedoms away from North Korea that she developed a desire for people to experience the same freedoms away from North Korea that she has. As as result of her new found desire, she has decided to get some education in criminal justice and human rights so that she can become a more effective activist for the rights of human beings. One of her desires is to break people free of the North Korean rule. She also is hoping to fight human trafficking due to her experiences with it. One positive that her experiences brought out, it made her think about other people who are in unfortunate situations. While the type of life that she has endured was a lot harsher than anyone should have to endure, it does awaken her desire to help make life better for others. It is this desire and goal that inspires people. While other people who go through trauma tend resort to self destructive measures, Yeonmi has resorted to looking for ways to build better lives for people. As soon as she graduate, she is going to seek out a career that helps her fight for human rights of others. One of the steps that she has taken in order to begin her fight for human rights is to speak out at the summit. Her story of survival on NK News has gained the attention of many. After Yeonmi Park has told her story on NY Times, she has written it down in a book so that people can read. She has made sure that every event that she recalls is accurate to what happened so that there can be no attacks on her credibility.

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