Michigan Entrepreneur Expanding Into the Liquor Business

Dick DeVos the son of Richard and Helen DeVos, co-founder of the Amway Corporation was born on October 21st in 1955. Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, who is a prominent political figure in Michigan have 4 children together. Dick has a background in business and served as the CEO of the Amway Corporation from 1993 to 2002. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Northwood. Dick attended the University of Harvard Business School as well as Wharton School’s but did not graduate from them. Mr DeVos has received honorary doctorates from Northwood University, Central Michigan University and Grove City College. Dick’s wife Betsy is very active in the american political scene and has served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for several years. She is also the active chairman of the Windquest Group, the American Federation for children and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. In 2012 Dick DeVos was named Americas 67th richest person by Forbes magazine, approximating his worth at $5.1 billion, much of which he has given away in his philanthropic efforts. He and Betsy give to many organizations, especially educational institutions including their self-founded West Michigan Aviation Academy which marries their passion for education and flight (Dick is an accomplished helicopter and airplane pilot).

DeVos recalls being involved in his father’s business, Amway, from a young age. The business started in his fathers basement and has now grown into a global giant. Amway is rated by Forbes as the 30th largest privately owned company in America with over 20,000 employees. 

Both Dick and Betsy DeVos will be entering in to the liquor business according to latest reports. Their Windquest Group holding company has been in the process of purchasing the Coppercraft Distillery in the State of Michigan. The acquisition of the distillery will take at least 6 months as this is the time it will take for the transfer of the liquor license and the states approval. The Windquest Group is originally an investment management firm with several holdings in manufacturing, technology and other sectors. Some of their business’s include Reserve Wine and Foods, Boxed Water, Neurocore and the Stow Company. The distillery’s founder Mr Walter Catton III, who opened it in late 2013 said there will be more exciting news to come and they are currently involved in the Tulip Time Festival. His plans are to expand his business which currently caters to 100 locations across Michigan. Mr Walter Catton is looking into expanding his business which specialized in Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, and Gin to handcrafted wines and beers in the future.

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