The Health Benefits of Coffee Revealed in a New Study

Despite the fact that those with fast or irregular heartbeats are advised to give up coffee, it has recently been discovered that coffee may not be as bad as what people think. Bloomberg broke the news that a study was conducted by Jon Urbana that involved over 1,388 test subjects. Those who were test subjects were recorded on their intake of coffee, tea, as well as chocolate. This was taken over the course of one year. To get accurate results, a Holter monitor was used in order to get 24-hour electrocardiograms.

60 percent of the individuals who participated in this study reported to have consumed caffeine daily. However, the electrocardiogram data showed that there was no different in the premature heartbeat nor was there an episode of an accelerated heartbeat between both the caffeine user and the abstainers from caffeine.

Though there is no hard evidence to support the health benefits of caffeine, doctors do suggest that caffeine can be consumed; however, in moderation. Doctors also advise that coffee not be a substitute for lack of sleep. Only one to two cups is recommended per day. Doctors even readily suggest that coffee be consumed every other day in order to avoid any arising health concerns that can be indirectly related to caffeine.

As a substitute for coffee, doctors suggest a hot cup of water or even a cup of hot tea that can energize an individual in the morning and help them wake up a bit more.

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