How to Not Be Overwhelmed by Spring Cleaning for Your Closet


Spring is the season we all feel a bit of guilt for not wanting to organize our home. It is only once a year after all. So how do you tackle it? Give yourself the next month to give a deep clean. Trying to do everything in a single weekend is just too much. Let’s use PopSugar’s advice on how to deep clean your closet as an example of how to accomplish your entire place.

The steps to be able to find your favorite things.

Week 1: Toss
The local Goodwill is always in need. Consider it your goal to give as much as possible. Your benefits will be on your taxes next year and a clearer closet for the items you truly wear and love. If you haven’t wore it in the last year or if it no longer fits, toss it. If an item is stained or ruined, save the Goodwill and yourself time and toss it directly in the trash. If an item just needs a quick repair, have it fixed.

Week 2. Sort
Find a system that you will keep and use over the next year. Do you think of your shirts by style or color? Once your system is chosen, sort everything and see which pile is the largest. Do you really need 32 white blouses?

Week 3. Cleaning
If you have an extremely organized friend who just loves the Container Store, invite them for a shopping spree and buy them lunch. Varied sizes of clear containers will aid in organizing large jackets from winter to shoe storage. Depending on your closet layout, shelving can work best for you as well. Design the shelves with dishes for your accessories and make sure everything is easy to reach and implement the sorting system you devised.

Week 4. New Season, New Wardrobe
While you are getting your closet organized, also sign-up for a VIP Membership at JustFab to have the new seasonal items coming. Your online boutique will be fresh every month with your personalized, curated picks of handbags, tops, denim, shoes and jewelry. Follow them on Instagram!

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