Beneful’s Nutritious Products for a Healthy Dog

As pet lovers who find pride in making and feeding our products to pets, we find it essential that we highlight some of the main things about us.
Beneful’s products are safe and healthy with the ability to bring nutrition and joy to over 15 million dogs annually. Our PurinaStore’s safety and quality control are the ideal standard for the whole industry. The standard meet or exceed every USDA, FDA or AAFCO requirement. We conduct test for over 150 substances that include lead, arsenic and mycotoxins in order to ensure that our products are of good quality and safe for pet consumption.

Some of our Dry Dog Food varieties sold on Wal-Mart include the following:

Originals with Real Salmon

This product will fill your dog’s bowl with a nutrition that is rich in omega. These nutrients will also be 100% essential for its every day growth, and will help him to maintain a coat that is shiny and healthy. It is definitely an everyday healthy meal and always yummy.

Healthy Weight with Real Chicken

This meal will ensure that your dog’s weight is put in check and still provide an excitement for mealtime. The product is a calorie-smart recipe. This Beneful’s product will provide your pet with wholesome nutrients that it needs. They come in a mix of bites that are crunchy and tender.
Originals with Real Beef

This product will fill your pet’s bowl with nutrition that is rich in antioxidant. The nutrients are wholesome and rich to help your dog grow healthy with each day. They come in a mix of crunchy and tender bites that your dog will definitely love. They are all day healthy and yummy. The meal is made of carrots, peas, spinach and real beef.

Playful Life with Eggs and Real Beef

This product will serve your dog with a nutrition that is protein-rich. With eggs and real beef, you will be providing your dog with wholesome nutrients necessary to help him grow daily. It is an all-day healthy and full of sweetness.

Try us today for these and many other healthy dog treats. You can be assured that your dog will grow healthy and strong, and it will always be excited of meal times. Follow Beneful today!

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