WEN Hair Care Offers Shine Bounce and Manageability to Blogger’s Limp Locks

Beauty blogger Emily McClure has flat, greasy hair which is challenging to deal with, and she’s tired of bad hair days. So, she decided to try a 7-day hair challenge to see if this much talked about no-shampoo method would work for her. She kept a hair diary along with selfies to chart her progress.
The Bustle.com contributor had seen the famous TV infomercials where beautiful celebrities develop beautiful hair by giving up lather shampoo. Chaz Dean is the popular California stylist who invented the gentle, natural botanical formula that uses cleansing conditioner to restore strength, bounce and shine to hair.

Emily McClure chose the Sephora FIG formula and decided to follow a proper routine of daily AM washes with Wen. As she hit the shower, the beauty blogger noticed nice, thick hair. As she blow-dried and styled, her locks looked glossy, healthy and soft, and Emily was pleased. Her friends also noticed the extra bounce in her hair and complimented her one evening.

Emily admits that she prefers a nighttime shower routine, so one evening she did just that and used the WEN by Chaz Dean (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html). When she got up the next morning, Emily was surprised her hair already appeared limp and not able to hold a style.

As soon as Emily returned to her daily AM WEN washes, her hair responded beautifully. Emily got lazy one morning, because she was pressed for time, so she skipped the WEN wash altogether. She knew it was a mistake, because her strands got limp and greasy. She scrambled by spraying dry shampoo into her hair and trying to style it, but her hair let her down.

Emily has concluded that WEN delivers shine, manageability and bounce as long as you shower and style your hair every morning and not skip between WEN washes.

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