The Real Puppet Master: Glenn Beck’s Attack on George Soros

It had always seemed inevitable that the conservative bastion that is Fox News would step up their game against liberal hedge-funder George Soros. For many decades Mr. Soros has been a key supporter of liberal causes and campaigns, putting his money where his mouth is in support of Democratic candidates, charities, and anti-totalitarian causes. This has put the billionaire firmly in the crosshairs of the Fox Empire, which is why it is so surprising they waiting so long to launch a full-scale attack. After years of snide references and minor insults, Fox finally enlisted its top-rated henchman, Mr. Glenn Beck, to take a swing at Soros. True to form, Mr. Beck truly came out swinging.

The Take Down

In a full broadcast aired in November of 2010, Glenn Beck set out to paint George Soros Nazi, an individual who spent his Hungarian youth hiding from the Nazis in plain sight through fake family documents, as not only an anti-Semite but even a full-blown holocaust supporter. The entirety of these malicious and thoroughly misguided allegations are taken from an article published The New Yorker in 1995 by Connie Bruck entitled “The World According to Soros”. Although many of the quotes that were used in the show to paint Soros as an anti-Semite and evil puppet master are indeed taken from the article, like all things Fox News they are taken wildly out of context.

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Beck’s Dangerous Campaign

Misinterpreting the Facts

Not only did Beck skip nearly all of Soros’ history of Nazi persecution, his major contribution to the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, and his continuing donations and support for humanitarian causes worldwide, but it also painted him as a shadowy manipulator with close ties to the President who is out to gain power and wealth off the back of the American public. Many were quick to point out that this puppet master image painted of Soros was a classic negative Jewish stereotype. Then there was Beck’s accusation of Soros being a “Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps.” This statement is not only slander with no evidence whatsoever to back it up, it is an outright accusation of an unspeakably horrible act. In short, it is libel, and Fox News should count itself lucky that Mr. Soros never stooped to acknowledging their attack by suing them.

The Partial Quote

In The New Yorker article from 1995, Soros stated that the German occupation of his boyhood was the “happiest year of my life.” Beck took this quote and ran with it, accusing the 14-year-old of not only being cold to the fact that his people were suffering but even of being complicit in their deaths. All that one has to do is pull up the original article to see that this statement was taken incredibly out of context. Soros was simply making the point that he was 14 and felt invincible. He truly believed that nobody could touch him and that his father would protect the family. As a brash young man, this filled him with a sense of pride and confidence. At no point does Soros state that he enjoyed, or was complicit, in the sufferings of his people.

The Real Puppet Master

So who is the real puppet master in this situation? Many would point out that a true puppet master is a man who can take one misquote and stretch it into three hours of slander that his audience takes as fact.

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