White Shark Media Reviews its Customer-Service Guidelines to Enhance Client Relationship

White Shark Media is one of the most popular PPC optimization companies on the Internet. Since its inception, the company mainly served small and medium-sized companies. Due to the high level of service, White Shark Media Complaints team quickly became well-known among consumers who relished the opportunity to interact one-to-one with company’s managers.

However, the growth of the company has prompted the management to look over numerous complaints by customers who may feel alienated as a result of the growth process.

To compensate for the weakness, the company recently announced a major overhaul to how it has reacted to such complaints. According to a recent post on its blog, White Shark Media has changed certain important customer service aspects after reviewing feedback comments of clients.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

As the first step in maintaining high levels of customer service, the management has reviewed its policies on how it offers services during the initial Adword campaign setup. From now, setup of every Adword campaign will be overseen by a dedicated professional who will guide and educate every customer on the initial setup procedure. Doing so, will allow new customers to understand campaign management instead of calling customer service with frequent queries.

For existing customers, the management has asked SEM strategist to schedule a mandatory 30 minute call using the video channel, GoTOMeeting, with every client. It will allow existing customers to share their concerns and evaluate performance for the future.

Beside the existing setup, every customer has access to direct call extensions of dedicated managers, who can be reached any time to consult on an ongoing campaign.

Video Review of White Shark Media

For those customers who like the old campaign management platform, the company offers the choice of traditional platform and new platform. If the customer wants to transition to new platform, senior SEM strategist and supervisors will help the customer.

To divide the workload, each supervisor is responsible for only 3 to 5 SEM strategists. Likewise, customers can also get free consultation for SEO services. All they need to do is to provide data on their existing SEO campaigns.

The company also understands that it may get difficult for customers to interact with their existing strategist. Therefore, a senior SEM strategist regularly communicates with the customer to evaluate the existing relationship.

The aim of such evaluations is to build a long-term relationship between the customer and their professional contact. By implementing new customer-service guidelines, White Shark Media wants to become a benchmark for its industry.

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