Haters Can Keep Solid Entrepreneurs Down

Fixing a reputation takes a bit of work and effort. Most business owners would hope they do not have to deal with the stress of a harmed reputation. As such, entrepreneurs work very hard to deliver the best possible customer service. Unfortunately, there are haters out there who will create bad press about your business, meaning you will have to bury negative search results about your company or battle slopes in business due to these poor reviews. Someone – or several people – just may choose to cause devious damage to an otherwise stellar business’ name.

Entrepreneur.com called these people out for their malicious actions. More importantly, the online magazine did a nice job of laying out good advice for business proprietors dealing with all the hate.

The article strongly suggests directing energy towards customers. Online hate creates a public relations nightmare. Proprietors might worry how this can impact customers. To keep the customers from getting nervous, it is best to consistently remind them the previous exception customer service and quality they have experienced will continue. Social media and other communications forums are great for getting messages such as these out.

Using the bad press as an opportunity to turn the table on the haters is an option as well. How so? Borrow from the negative publicity and capitalize on the raised awareness by promoting deals and sales. Customers who are a little bit worried about bad press may end up feeling at ease the second they start seeing 15% off sales.

The article also suggests calming down and reflecting on the “why’s” of being in business. Entrepreneurs are always best served remembering what motivated them to go into business for themselves. Doing so helps during tough and stressful times.

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