Will Drones Be Delivering Your Next Pizza?

Everybody knows that it is not safe to deliver pizzas anymore. The crime rates in the country, and many others are getting worse and many fear for their life delivering those sacred pies. Well, Dominos is the first pizza company to leap into the 21st century with the use of drone delivery. Is it possible that a robot could be delivering your next pizza to your home?

It is an industry-wide first for sure. While the technology is being tested in New Zealand, there is no news of drone delivery stateside at this time. The pizza orders will be placed through an app on the smartphone. Then, the drone will use the GPS system from the phone to identify where the order should be delivered. For some, it seems like an invasion of privacy. For others, it seems like a leap into a “George Jetsons” style existence.

The chain estimates that the drone delivery will be up and running in New Zealand within the year. There are still many concerns that come with robotics delivery food. Will the pizza make it there warm and without error? Will the drone be able to handle such tasks and maintain the standards for food safety? There are still many kinks being worked out in the system. However, the future of pizza delivery looks promising.

Workers fear that the use of drone means a large layoff. Delivery drivers that are no longer needed may help to fill orders, but with robotics doing so much of the work, there is certain to be a layoff in the industry.

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