Domino’s Begins Drone Delivery

After much speculation, Domino’s has announced that it will begin drone delivery. The drone-based delivery that will be making Domino’s Pizza available by air comes from the same startup that was behind the 7-11 drone delivery that received FAA approval.

Currently, drone-delivered food has been one of the most hotly discussed and competitive technological fields in the world. Domino’s drone delivery remains an exclusive privilege to New Zealand customers; however, there are a number of plans to give other continents the same drone-based delivery in time.

Ideally, customers will be able to place their orders with the app used to cover mobile delivery at their convenience. After the delivery has been placed through the mobile app, customers should be able to be tracked by the drone with the GPS location functionality.

Should the delivery go smoothly, the pizza will be lowered to the customer from the air. In order to ensure that the delivery can be conducted in a safe manner, the drone should not come within arm’s distance of the customer. The pizza will be suspended by the drone from a distance, which will hover above while the customer receives their order.

The Domino’s drone delivery project is not the very first of its kind, though depending on the success of this initiative, there may be implications for pizza drone delivery to become more mainstream in the future. The drone delivery pizza operation comes alongside a slew of other smart technology food convenience projects that have been rolled out throughout the year, and there are certainly more developments to come.

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