Why Your Local Cows May No Longer Be Needed For Milk

If you’ve visited the aisles at the local supermarket recently, you will notice that the alternative milk industry is booming. The younger consumer is looking to reduce cow’s milk consumption and replace it with natural products. There are “milk” products made from nuts, soy, and these products appease a crowd that has not only ethical concerns but also those that have allergies or a diverse diet. Putting all the supplemental milk aside, what if you were able to drink milk without getting it from a cow?

It’s actually a very real possibility thanks to a company in Berkeley, California. This company is a tech start-up that is making dairy products that are animal-free. The good news is they claim their products taste just as good as those products that use dairy. The company is Perfect Day. Their harvests use proteins that come from the fermented yeast. Think of it like brewing craft beer on a vegan level. The milk is lactose-free and safe for those with dairy allergies to consume.

Another good thing for this milk-free-milk is that the company uses 98 percent less water to make their product. They also don’t need the large facilities for production either. The company had to adjust the nutrient levels to get the proper taste and feel. Calcium and potassium levels must be spot on to have an authentic looking and tasting product. Soy milk products cannot be used to make yogurt and cheese presently. However, these faux-milk products from Perfect Day is able to be used in the same manner of traditional milk.

Within the next year or so, their products will begin to line store shelves. The local cows should be on notice. Their service may no longer be needed. Will a faux-milk product change the way we buy milk in the near future?

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