Starbucks and Other National Restaurant Chains are Helping to Feed the Hungry

Starbucks and other national restaurants have recently stepped up efforts to feed hungry Americans. Together with three food distribution programs called “Food Share,” “Feeding America,” and “Food Donation Connection,” thousands of meals will be collected at the end of the day by drivers with refrigerated vans. They will then be passed on to food banks for people who cannot afford food. Starbucks has predicted that in the first year of the program at least 5 million meals will be given out. If successful, the program is expected to continue operating for the next several years.

Besides the benefit of feeding hungry people, this combined effort will also significantly reduce food and landfill waste. Usually, meals that are not sold must be thrown away at the end of the day due to health regulations, but the food is still perfectly good to eat. The focus of the food distribution program will be on serving wholesome, filling meals in pre-packaged containers. This will ensure that hungry people still get the daily amount of nutrition that they need. Often, the poor are given low-quality leftover donations at food banks that are laden with sugar and fat. Because it is usually the only food that the people can get, they have no choice but to eat it. This puts them at a higher risk for vitamin deficiencies and nutrition related disorders, such as diabetes.

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