The Crown Roast With A Price Tag Only Royalty Could Afford

The crown roast is one of the most delicious types of roasts around. It is also known for its large price tag that seems to keep many buyers at bay. However, when Neiman Marcus is selling the famous roast with all the fixings for $410, many turned their heads. Of course, you may need to consider the $32 for shipping too.

This luxurious hunk of meat will come delivered frozen solid. It does come with a nice helping of pecan dressing too. It will take 3-4 days in the average refrigerator to thaw for cooking. When it comes to baking the massive piece of meat, it can take up to 3.5 hours. This is just one of Neiman Marcus many meal kits that can be purchased. This seems to be their latest trend and a way to drum up some new business.

There are plenty of extras that can be purchased for those who want to enhance their meal. Add a dozen enchiladas for $72, as well as some gold leaf chocolates for $92. Many in the food industry are laughing at the prices of the store’s meats. Some say they could buy an entire side of beef or a pig for the price. A whole freezer full of meat or buying just one roast seems like an easy choice. Do they really feel that people will buy this overpriced cut?

It appears that the chain is branching out into other areas in an attempt to help with lagging sales in other departments. Though they are mostly known for high-end clothing and furniture, food may or may not be a good investment idea.

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