Turn In Your Gun and Get A Free Pizza- Really?

It doesn’t really matter on which side you stand for the gun defense. One Indianapolis neighborhood is tired of all the violence in their town. They want to clean up the streets the only way they know how. The local owners of the D&C Pizza say the war zone by their restaurant has to stop. Anyone that turns in their gun will receive a free, extra-large pizza, topped any way they want.

Do they actually think that people are going to turn in guns worth hundreds for a pizza worth $20? The problem is not finding a gun that is a family heirloom. The owner told local reporters that children ages 14 and up will come in to pick up a pizza and a gun will be in their pocket. In this rough neighborhood, guns have become a way to protect one another. Yet, since it is such a poor area, some people will do anything for a free meal.

There are no questions asked about the guns, and the owner doesn’t care where they came from. Just present the pre-made coupon for the pizza and hand over the gun. The guns are turned into the local police department. Though the program really hasn’t taken off yet, both the police and the pizza shop are hopeful. The really scary thing is that children are finding guns everywhere. It may actually establish rapport with the community and the pizza shop. Who knows what child might be willing to get rid of a gun that scares them for food they probably need.

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