Foods to Avoid Before You Go to Bed

Many people do not have an idea that it is unhealthy to eat certain types of food before going to bed. If you wish to have a bedtime beverage or snack, do not grab whatever you lay your hands on. There are certain foods that can help you have a peaceful sleep. However, many others might actually disrupt your sleep. Such foods may cause you to have irritated tummies, insomnia, and worse of all, nightmares. Here is what you should avoid.


This is a favorite snack for many individuals. Nonetheless, you need to shun away from eating pizza before bedtime. The acidic tomato sauce that tops up this snack causes tummy aches. The snack itself contains a lot of unnecessary calories. Eating pizza at bedtime will similarly make you chubbier in the long run. The habit should therefore be discouraged.


While many working-class individuals swear by a bedtime cup of coffee, this beverages harms them. Coffee can disrupt your sleeping patterns. Experts recommend that you avoid taking coffee before going to bed because it has a diuretic effect.

Sugary Cereal

A bowl of sugary cereal is the in-thing in many households. However, you need to understand that this is an unhealthy habit, which needs to be shunned altogether. You should instead dwell your focus on cereals that have a high fiber, and low sugar content. Sugary cereals are often digested rapidly. A lot of sugar is thus absorbed by your blood, thus disrupting your sleep. Generally, feeding on low fiber diets causes you to sleep lightly. The article was originally published on Food Network.

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