New Show “Stove Tots” Cooks Up Amazing Dishes With Gordon Ramsey

If you love to watch television shows that are all about cooking, you may want to set your DVR for the latest reality version. “Stove Tots” is the new show with host Gordon Ramsey. The show promises to have plenty of helicopter parenting and kitchen drama to entertain the masses.

Ramsey will do what he does best, teach people to cook. However, he has a way that might not be so appealing to parents. Some are comparing this show to the television show Dance Moms. One would think that Ramsey would calm his attitude down just a tiny bit as he will be working with kids.

Each week the show will have fresh, young faces competing for the win. It is a head-to-head competition where there will be two elimination rounds. The great part about the show is that the children get to plan their own menus. They get to pick the recipes and create culinary masterpieces with their own-two-hands. Since it is such a younger crowd involved, the expectations should be somewhat less. However, when Ramsey is involved, all bets are off.

The show has been approved for 13 episodes to begin in early 2017. It will play on the FYI Network. This show joins the ranks of other famous kid’s cooking shows like MasterChef Junior and the Kids Baking Championships. With children taking such an active interest in cooking at their young age, the food of tomorrow has to be spectacular. Young enthusiasm is changing the cooking industry.

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