Can Howard Johnson’s Restaurants Be Saved From Extinction?

With great interest, I just finished reading a current online article about what will soon be the last remaining Howard Johnson’s restaurant in America.

According to this article, the Howard Johnson’s restaurant in Bangor, Maine will be closing soon. With the closing of that location, only the Lake George, New York Howard Johnson’s restaurant will still be in operation.

Multiple sales of the restaurant chain to different corporations, lack of innovation, and overall mismanagement all led to the current situation, according to this article.

It saddens me to learn of the current state of affairs with “Ho-Jo’s” restaurants. When I was a kid, one of my aunts would come to visit several times each year. When she came to visit, our family would often go out to dinner at the local Howard Johnson’s restaurant. To me, the restaurant seemed like an all-American family spot that offered something to please everyone’s appetite, including 25 flavors of ice cream.

Whenever I think of Howard Johnson’s restaurants, the first thing that comes to mind is the great frankfurter dinner that I always ordered whenever I ate there. Two grilled hot dogs, a little brown crock of baked beans, and a piece of brown bread were all included in the dinner.

I would like to think that some type of grass-roots campaign to keep the Bangor Howard Johnson’s restaurant open could save the classic eatery from the imminent closing. Maybe a social media campaign to reopen other closed Ho-Jo’s might also save these treasures.

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