Simpatico Coffee Opens A New Café and Production Facility

Lovers of the low-acid coffee made by Simpatico may have an easier time getting their hands on a bag of their famous blend very soon. This news comes after the Michigan coffee company revealed that it is opening a third retail destination in the Northside of Holland, MI, and that they are in the process of constructing a larger roasting facility to meet greater demand for their products.

Simpatico’s most famous blend is made out of low-acid Oaxacan beans. When put to the test in a blind study by, Simpatico’s blend was awarded the best tasting low-acid cup of coffee. That study just confirmed why Simpatico has been popular with low-acid coffee lovers around the nation. The affection people have for this particular coffee brand is quite evident in the accelerating sales rates on Amazon, eBay, and the company’s official website.

Alexander Fink, Simpatico’s founder and current owner, would not go into detail into how they process their beans to achieve such a distinctive flavor. Fink is currently patenting his processing technique, and only mentioned to reporters that all of their beans come from the wild Oaxacan mountaintop in the Sierra Madres. All of their products are free from any pesticides or genetic-modifications, and Simpatico’s processing procedures do not follow the popular techniques of extra dark, “interrupted” roasting, or extra slow processes.

Simpatico low-acid blends are currently sold in about 50 bricks-and-mortar retailers, but the company hopes to expand to supermarkets across the USA with their new capabilities. This coffee company has three cafés in the Michigan cities of Grand Rapids and Holland.

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