Will Robots Rule the Kitchens of Tomorrow?

When most people think about cooking, they imagine a task that is in many ways inherently human. After all, most of us consider the meals made by our close friends and beloved family members to be some of the most memorable food experiences in our day to day lives. Whether you love coming home to your spouse’s three cheese lasagna or have an aunt that makes a lemon meringue pie that is just to die for, it’s often hard to separate the cook from the cuisine.

That’s why many people are surprised to find out that many industry insiders think that the restaurants of the future may be primarily staffed by robots. These chrome chefs are slated to replace the human workers that currently do everything from washing dishes to piping frosting. Experts believes that these machines have the potential to bring about a number of tantalizing benefits, from reducing labor costs to minimizing injuries and fatigue for those who work in a food preparation environment.

In some places, the automatized invasion is already well underway. At MIT, a reliable robot named Spyce doles out hundreds of hot and delicious dishes to dining hall visitors. It is equipped with a state of the art quality control system and a huge recipe Rolodex, ensuring that none of this machine’s meals fall flat.

While many are welcoming these machines with open arms, it is still yet to be seen whether they will really catch on. Either way, the future of cooking, whether it’s digital or analog, looks positively scrumptious.

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