Would You Like to Order a Quinoa Bowl at Chik-fil-A?

Chik-fil-A, a fast food company that started fried chicken sandwich and has been imploring diners to “Eat Mor Chikin”, is currently testing new menu items with chicken on them as a supporting ingredient to other ingredients like kale, quinoa and chia seeds. These new menu items revolve around today’s popular concept in the food industry – the bowl.

The chain’s Harvest Kale and Grain Bowl include some of the ingredients from their Superfood Side, which are chopped kale and broccolini. The bowl also incorporates white and red quinoa, roasted butternut squash, farro, diced apples and chopped kale. It is garnished with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, roasted nuts (pecans, almonds, and walnuts), dried cherries and goat-feta cheese blend. It can be ordered with grilled and sliced chicken or without, for vegetarian diners.

The chain’s Egg White Grill Grain Bowl is inspired from their breakfast sandwich – the Egg White Grill sandwich. It features the same grain components as the Harvest Bowl, which includes red and white quinoa, farro, grilled chicken, scrambled egg whites, and cheddar cheese blend.

The chain’s Egg White Grill Bowl has the same ingredients as the Grain Bowl minus the grains.

The chain’s Hash Brown Scramble offers a customizable option – it can be served as a breakfast burrito or as a bowl. Its ingredients include hash browns, cheese, scrambled eggs and a choice of chicken nuggets or sausage.

The chain’s locations in Washington DC, Columbia, New Jersey, New York and San Diego are currently testing some more new breakfast items with more emphasis on the so-called healthier ingredients. On the other hand, its locations in San Francisco, Huntsville, Tampa, Ala, and Sacramento now offer the new Egg White Grill and Grain Bowls and the Harvest Kale and Grain Bowl. If the testing goes well, these new bowl menu items could be rolled out nationwide by 2018.

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