No More Orange Juice

With sales of orange juice continuing to worsen every year in America, industry experts are struggling to find alternative ways of attracting consumers. While there’s no clear reason for the sudden shift in orange juice popularity, many researchers believe that there may be a link between the amount of sugar in orange juice and its popularity with a more health conscious American population.

Of course, those in the orange juice industry are not as easily convinced. Some of have noted that while orange juice certainly has heightened levels of sugar, these levels aren’t artificially inflated in the same way as soda. Still, products like Minute Maid have roughly 24 grams of sugar for every eight ounces of “orange juice.” With numbers like those, it should come as no surprise that orange juice consumption has dropped by nearly 45% since 2001-2002.

While the popularity of orange juice serves as a reflection of America’s shifting needs at the grocery store, it has also had an interesting effect on shopping centers. With the shift in demand, grocery stores have begun to take orange juice off the shelves and replace it with products that fare better.

Of course, orange juice has dealt with its ups and downs in the past. Although it’s no longer benefiting from the temporary frozen orange juice market, there’s still hope that orange juice manufacturers can find a new way to market their drink to a population that is increasingly health conscious and educated.

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