Why Robots May Soon Take Over Restaurant Kitchens

Technophiles are having a field day. This is after it was made public that robots will soon be working in restaurants. This innovation has already been successfully implemented in a number of eateries. During a pilot project, humanoid robots were programmed to prepare customers’ sofritas tacos and chicken burritos. The robots carried this out seamlessly.

In as much as this might sound futuristic, robots have been found to be quite effective. This is because they can flawlessly take orders, cook and serve meals. Restaurants have been advertising how effective their robotic “employees” are. Technology firms have equally joined the fray, and are coming up with innovations to satisfy the burgeoning demand. Momentum Machines is one such firm. The Silicon Valley technology company has gained a niche for creating automated restaurant systems, which have the ability to prepare more than 400 burgers every hour. This surpasses human capacity by far.

Artificial Intelligence

What stands out about these robots is their ability to function without any form of human assistance. They also have a high sense of tactile intelligence, which bears close similarity to that of a human being. The application of robotic technology in the hospitality industry is likely to start with the fast food division. Fast food conglomerates are already ordering the robots in dozens. Restaurant owners recognize that this will save costs in the long run. Besides this, it is slowly bringing the futuristic world into existence.

Restaurateurs who own outlets that deal with large quantities of food stand to benefit most from this innovation. However, a number of individuals have voiced their concern about the en masse use of robots in restaurants. Such individuals argue that most restaurant machines lack robotic dexterity. According to them, this proves that restaurants and eateries are not yet ready for the robotic revolution. In addition, purchasing robotic kitchen systems is quite expensive. The article was originally posted on Eater.

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