Which is Better for You: Smoothies or Juicing?

The newest health food craze is juicing. Before that, it was smoothies. So, which is really better for you?

Fruit smoothies involve blending whole fruits and vegetables with milk, yogurt, juice or even water. They provide you with essential minerals and vitamins and are an easy way to provide your body with the essential nutrients that it needs. Juicing involves extracting the juice from fresh vegetables or fruits. The resulting liquid contains most of the minerals, plant chemicals and vitamins found in the whole fruit.

So, which one is better for you in terms of the effect on blood sugar and fiber content? According to The New York Times, Juicing removes all of the pulp from the fruit so there is hardly any fiber left. This means that the sugar is more concentrated and results in a spike in blood sugar. On the other hand, smoothies preserve fiber. Even though it is has been pulverized, it is still there. The fiber helps to slow down the absorption of fructose, leading to more stable blood sugar levels. So, get your fruit and vegetables in the form of smoothies. Avoid store-bought smoothies and pre-packaged smoothie mixes. These can have as much sugar and calories as a milkshake. Instead, stock up on fruits and vegetables and create your own tasty smoothie. Add vegetables like spinach, cucumbers and romaine lettuce. Avocado is a great smoothie ingredient because of its creamy texture. It also offers healthy fats and numerous vitamins.

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